Aska Eyewear/Nu-Clip launches the Aska 9000 ophthalmic frame series, which features a proprietary screwless hinge design that functions as a spring hinge. The innovative wire lens mounting system enables ECPs to work with any lens material and the use of surgical-grade stainless steel with an ion-plating process allows Aska 9000 to achieve ultra light weight and withstand extreme climate conditions in maintaining its colors. Included are 12 styles in four colors each.

PHILOSOPHY: “The wire lens mounting system lets opticians correct their mistakes if they cut the lens too small or groove the lens too deeply, just by changing the length of the wire,” says Paul Chen, Nu-Clip’s vice president of marketing. “Additionally any lens material can be used without worrying about chipping the lens.”
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a display and countercard. Each frame comes with a triangular hard case that can be used as a logo display.
PRICE POINT: $$$. For additional information, contact Aska Eyewear/Nu-Clip, (800) 923-2547
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The Aska 9000 series has recently won a U.S patent for its mounting system and has just received patent approval in Germany. Patents are pending in other European and Asian countries.