made the seasonal migration down south to rub elbows with the art elite during Art Miami, the city’s original contemporary art fair. Dubbed “The Official Eyewear of Art Miami,” Persol sponsored the Art Video/New Media Lounge. An interactive space curated by Julia Draganovic, the lounge featured video exhibitions by six internationally touted artists—including Ai Weiwei. Persol showcased its documentary “A Work of Persol” during an invite-only VIP event at the SoHo Beach House. The mini-doc followed 17 up-and-coming artists as they designed an exclusive piece of artwork inspired by Persol’s month-long process of handcrafting a single pair of glasses. The artists crafted their artwork from a range of mediums including wire, glass, acetate and steel. Filmmakers Jennifer Golub and Joe Kayser captured the artists’ process for the 30-minute documentary. Two of the film’s featured artists—Chiara Moreschi and Rodger Stevens—were on hand at the lounge showcasing their Persol-inspired creations, titled “Beauty is Never Useless” and “Interstellar Dust, Arranged to Please,” respectively.

The interactive Persol booth encompassed a layout and design functionality that emulated the brand’s commitment to aesthetics and the art industry. Inside two walls demonstrated the Italian brand’s culturally rich past, including its connections to art and cinema over the decades, from Fellini to James Bond. Additionally, a product wall highlighted the raw materials and patented technology that goes into crafting each pair of Persol glasses. The booth included an exhibition of the finished eyewear featured in the “A Work of Persol” campaign for guests to view first-hand.

—Patrisha Zabrycki