I witnessed a nasty accident walking to the train today. CARANGH. AirBAGssss. Hoooorrns. Don’t worry. Everyone’s ok. It was a young guy with a cell phone embedded in his ear in a slick new Toyota Humunga slamming through a light into a Honda ImHerVan driven by a woman with two kids, seat belted and SAFE. Need I say here that I’M A CAR NUT so what followed as the scene grew with gawkers and cops baffled me.

I must repeat that no one was hurt and that is a huge relief. But... the only one who seemed to be even vaguely concerned that both of these vehicles were now caved, crumbled and oozing antifreeze was ME. For sure both (an SUV and a soccer mom van) are not my idea of lustmobiles. But... I’M A CAR NUT. I despise even the slightest dents. I would guess I’ve been well indoctrinated by years of auto magazines, endless daydream excursions to auto showrooms, car shows and motorsport events. Love cars? You are my friend.

So I couldn’t resist. I had to ask the guy if he was at all upset about the damage to his four by four. “Nah. It’s leased. Maybe I’ll get something else. Something bigger. Something new. Maybe something with a connection for my iPod. This one is already two years old.”

He was a relatively cool guy, probably in his mid-twenties. At his age, my blue MGB-GT was my world. My girl. The car of my dreams. I was passionate about it. I bought it from a dealership called Giabardo Motors on Jericho Turnpike in Queens Village. Joe Giabardo was passionate about every car he sold. Damned if he didn’t even convince my dad that the MGB was a perfect car for me. He certainly didn’t sell anything like the two heaps from this accident. He wouldn’t even want bulbous, generic vehicles like this stinking up his dealership. He was passionate about what he sold. He knew every thing there was to know about those MGBs. Their heritage. Their mechanicals. Everything. He sold them because he was passionate about them but he, in turn, made me a total enthusiast for even the lowliest of cars.

THAT’s what you need to aspire to when it comes to eyewear: A special commitment to your profession, a dedication to your patient and a love of eyewear and the quest for better vision. Get passionate or... just get.         

James J. Spina