There’s certainly nothing subtle about sport eyewear when it comes to enviably pushing the extremes of both tech and style, so here’s hoping 20/20’s dramatic cover image and message delivery via Jamie Lynn and Associate Editor Breanna Benz plays right into that impact impression. The enviable options of this no-longer-really-an-optical niche are powerfully demonstrated by contrasting the “TECHniCOLOR” and “Pre & Post Sport” features in the issue, one on the radical state of goggles and the other a statement on sport brands delivering more traditional Rx frames.

And even a cursory look at the eyewear in our “Attitude” feature demonstrates the visually dramatic cues delivered by sport-centric specs. The products, like the photos so dramatically portrayed by photographer Ned Matura, proudly herald their special status: sweeping aerodynamic frames, intense lens coatings with sport-specific features, hyper-tech materials, venting systems, temple grips, meticulously fit-functional nosepads and identity pride with high heritage counts that place the brands in iconic “Our Eyewear” status. Sport Eyewear is a proud player in every facet, so much so that for just this issue I’ve let the eyewear detail its own trend setting by virtue of dramatic presence in each and every picture. This is eyewear with enough “attitude” to stand proud and functioning for anyone’s eyes on anyone’s face.

Need more convincing? Look no further than 20/20’s exclusive MarketPulse data basically laying out the scenario that you simply cannot afford to sidestep sport eyewear for the sake of your practice, your future, and the present and future of the customers you have now and the new ones you can score by making this competitive commitment.

As I struggled with the final verbal twist to drive home the factor of fusing sport eyewear into your professional and personal agenda, Managing Editor Christine Yeh turned in her editor’s note for this issue. No one “wardrobes” better than Christine and the impact of her detailing sport eyewear into her already impeccable spec-ulations scores a game winner for the whole team, me included as I hit the bench and urge you to track the positive projector of HER take on sport eyewear as a brilliant game changer.

—James J. Spina