Good news travels fast. And good news also serves as a terrific energizer. Even before the current COVID-19 crisis evolved into a world and life-changing scenario in all of our lives, 20/20 was anticipating the new debut of AO as a vibrant eyewear entity made in the USA under the guise and guidance of our friends from Europa/State Optical in Chicago.

As we eagerly await that introduction, perhaps a breath of our deep conviction to move forward might be ushered along by these wonderful illustrated AO messages created years ago by Norman Rockwell. At inception over two decades ago, this very Parting Glance page was created as a visual venue dedicated to the images from the American Optical archives. That hoped-for partnership never quite happened but its attitude sparks anew with these wonderful missives depicted in hopes of renewed dedication to the vision we all hold close to heart and in sight for our united future.

–James J. Spina