The August Parting Glance challenge to identify the sunwear Alejandro Escovedo is wearing on the cover of his new “Real Animal” CD has been won by Melissa Jenkins. She sent the simple reply of “Ray-Ban 3267” and when asked for more information she literally wrote our copy:

“Well, let’s see. My name is Melissa Jenkins and I have been the dispensary manager here at 20/20 Eye World (in Greenville, Miss.) for three years. My job is very rewarding and I love what I do. I work for two wonderful people, Dr. Joseph Portera and his wife Rose Marie. Other than work I have a wonderful family, three children and a great husband. My co-worker and close friend, Christie Stone, is an Alejandro fan and is actually going to Oxford to see him in concert. So I am looking forward to listening to his music. As far as recognizing his glasses, we just know our stuff here at 20/20. HA! We do carry the Ray-Ban line and they are great sunglasses. The aviators have really come back around and we are loving them. Just the shape of the lens and the double bar makes you think Ray-Ban. After all, they are the ones that started the trend so many years ago.”

Melissa got it all so VERY right and we can say that since we also know our stuff here at that other 20/20. Melissa’s correct guess was the sixth email of nearly 25 responses including optical industry legend Billy Barton who tells us he personally knows Escovedo and also let us in on the fact that he had just fixed Emmylou Harris up with some eyewear. We also wanted to note that this picture of Alejandro and the CD cover photo were both by legendary photographer Mick Rock.

—James J. Spina