New York-based Ira Lerner, an optical marketing guru, has formed ISL Technologies, LLC. The new company is specifically focused on representing inventors in the eyewear industry, including inventors of frame and lens technologies, software technologies and all related technologies for the optical industry.

Lerner has worked with patented technology and intellectual property rights for more than 30 years, beginning with trademarks in advertising. As creative director for Marchon in the early ’90s, he helped market Flexon frames and later worked with many of the inventors of the early patents for magnetic eyewear. In the mid ’90s, Lerner launched Takumi Eyewear, a magnetic clip collection, in the U.S.

Viva International’s PURE Eyewear, a new rimless system that requires no drilling or notching, is the first optical invention to be marketed by ISL Technologies, who with two other inventors developed the PURE system and then negotiated the licensing deal with Viva.

The objective of the company is to work with inventors to develop their technology and protect their intellectual property rights, notes Lerner. “Our ultimate goal is to license or sell the technology we develop and ensure inventors are compensated properly for their innovations and vision,” he says. “We want to work with each inventor to help commercialize his or her ideas wile protecting the invention and bringing it to market.”

ISL Technologies is currently working with some of the top inventors in the eyewear industry. For additional information, contact

—Gloria Nicola