It is now four years since Lenses&Technology was integrated within 20/20 as a self defined magazine- within-a-magazine. Every issue of L&T has its own features, editorial departments, cover and new products section populated with the most essential information, guidance and practical dispensing knowledge needed by vision care professionals.

Within that potent mix of powerful editorial factors one particular monthly feature called RxPertise (clever name master-minded by L&T Maestro Andrew Karp) deftly navigates the ever-changing currents of what it takes to provide maximum dispensing prowess guiding patients through to their (and your) ultimate goal of perfect vision via the complete, successful eyewear package.

This month L&T devotes its full feature section to RxPertise with “A Rosetta Stone for Eyecare” by Palmer R. Cook, OD. The story is subtitled as “Decoding the Issues of Index.” No doubt there. I am firmly convinced that this story is one of the most important and expertly written features ever in optical publishing.

Every time I want to reinforce my contention about this feature I find myself wanting to quote every word in the story. The opening sentence says it all: “Our patients expect to see well, look good and be comfortable in their new eyewear.” Anything short of that plateau is actually a relative failure and by virtue of some simple formulas, a conversational tone not too far removed from the explanations you could even provide a patient and a conscious effort to maximize the co-relationship of the lens to the frame Dr. Cook draws the reader to conclusive and practical solutions. Now THAT’S RxPertise.

Out of space here and I never got to mention how equally impressed I am by the enlightening Rimless- Without-Drilling CE by our own Mark Mattison-Shupnick, the third phase of our redesign with art director Iris Johnson meeting the challenge of energizing 20/20’s feature stories and my own encounter with a gentleman by the name of Sean “Diddy” Combs. Now THAT’S Exit-Tease.

James J. Spina