Photographed by Akintola Hanif
Artists possess an innate talent for creativity, expressed through their work and often via their personal appearance. For 40-year-old Christopher Ransom, individual style directly relates to artistic expression, which means looking great and feeling great is essential. Looking to update his style, Christopher became the perfect candidate for New Jersey-based Elegant Eyes and its “Personal Concierge Service,” which provides patients with private appointments that include an eye exam and checkup with an optometrist, and a personalized frame fitting session. 

An artist by trade, Christopher is commissioned to paint custom murals and graphics on various media and objects. Christopher contends he hated wearing glasses because he outgrew the look it gave him, refusing to wear them unless absolutely necessary. But he still needed them to see clearly especially when working on large-scale projects requiring intricate attention to detail, such as his custom designs on motorcycles. The folks at Elegant Eyes set out to refresh Christopher’s look with new eyewear that is comfortable and practical, and won’t detract from his energy and presence when creating artwork. 

Utenzi-Miller Johnson, manager at Elegant Eyes selected Kawasaki 708, a rimless style from Italee. “In my line of work, I take extreme pride in offering a wise selection to my clients, and we always take into consideration the person’s lifestyle and specific needs,” says Johnson. “Artists have a tendency of being very eclectic and express their personal style via apparel and accessories.” The frame’s rimless design adds a more polished and professional look, a necessity when meeting with clients on projects, while its lightweight, barely-there properties allow Christopher to work and create comfortably without distractions. Christopher only has one pair of glasses and as a self-promoted artist, is unable to readily switch styles during his wide-ranging daily activities. “Christopher needed versatility for his daily drivers, as well as something comfortable. A Kawasaki rimless affords him a look that is both contemporary and classic,” says Johnson.

Since the frame is rimless, the lenses are the main focus which means they need to be top-notch. To make sure the frame is suitable for Christopher’s everyday needs, Johnson equipped it with polycarbonate lenses and Crizal Alizé anti-reflective coating to ensure “a lightweight fit and clarity of vision.”

Astonished by his new look, Christopher immediately fell in love with his new eyewear. From hate to love, his feelings on glasses instantly changed from one extreme to another on the emotion spectrum and have surely enhanced his artistic creativity. It never ceases to amaze us what the power of a great frame can do, and that’s a masterpiece in our eyes.

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—Christine Yeh