Almost Frameless

Although minimal and sometimes almost non existent, the frame is essential to showcasing and supporting the all-important lens in rimless and semi-rimless styles. Carefully chosen colors, a subtle, but perfect detail and a selection of premium materials create a frame structure fashioned to function.

Senior Features Editor: Gloria Nicola   •   Photographed by Ned Matura   •   Selling Tips: JAMES J. SPINA

There’s even a place for rimless to essentially hide with frames that often look full, nearly full and “edging-toward-full.” This hideand- see minimal yet again shows that eyewear design is artistic PRIME design.

From top: NOMAD 1448N from Morel USA; VALERIE SPENCER 9131 from New York Eye/A Hart Specialties Company; BEBE EYES Eyeliner from Signature Eyewear; CAPTIVE 1016 from L’Amy America

The option list for rimless grows unabated. It’s perfect for sport brands looking to inroad the ophthalmic market with sleek purity, lux leaders opting for exotic-yet-classic frame materials like horn, magically magnetic clip mavens and eyewear brands seeking to exert minimal yet masterful identities.

From top: RATCHET 4.0 from Oakley; SAKI 714 from Modo; INNOVATIVE M/F TECHNOLOGY 41 from Revolution Eyewear; TOMMY BAHAMA 117 from Altair Eyewear

Invisible is not the only aspect. Semi-rimless can tempt with color, slight-but-significant details, combinations of materials and a limitless range of shapes.

From top: JONES NEW YORK MEN’S 312 from Rem Eyewear; VIVID 353 from Value Eyewear; CAZAL 4011 from Eastern States Eyewear & Ultra Palm Optical; FRAMEWORKS 433 from Hilco

Just a short time ago this once popular form of eyewear suspending the lenses from a top bar configuration had all but disappeared. It’s back and big because it works, offering strong mounting without obscuring any peripheral vision with “frame” parts.

From near right: PRODESIGN 4111 from ProDesign Denmark; CRUZ 621 from A&A Optical; CHRISTIAN ROTH 14041 from Charmant USA; SAINT-TROPEZ 70281 from Bolle/Division of Bushnell Performance Optics