Allison USA adds Try Change Sun to its Try Change line, which is based on a frame system that allows consumers to change the temple and bridge covers of their eyewear with a light click. Try Change wishbone (temple pairs) kits come in assorted colors, ranging from monochromatic shades to combinations and patterns in transparent, opaque and satin finishes. A vide variety of lens shapes are also offered. Additional wishbones can be purchased for each frame. The new collection is equipped with sun lenses made of NXT, a high-quality optical polymer, unbreakable and easy to process. Lens options consist of the following: Polar lenses for all situations in which indirectly reflected sunlight causes glare; NXT Action lenses, excellent for driving in poor visibility; and NXT Varia, photochromic lenses ideal for changeable weather conditions.

PHILOSOPHY: “Try Change is a ceaseless evolution anchored to cornerstones intrinsic to the brand’s essence— a fashion spirit combined with evolving technology,” says Pierluigi Marinelli, Allison USA executive vice president.

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a display kit, wishbone display and logo blocks. Each sunglass is packaged with a cleaning cloth and case that can hold up to five wishbones.

PRICE POINT: $$$. For additional information, contact Allison USA, (877) 255-5757; web site: