Breakout optical and sunwear line Alexander Daas was conceived by optician and eyewear stylist Alex Feldman. With a decade of hands-on experience, Feldman found himself frequently altering frames to craft a superior look and fit for his clients. All that tinkering led to the birth of the Alexander Daas Eyewear collection. Drawing on his years of experience in the optical industry, Feldman focuses his designs on aesthetically pleasing functionality that combines effortless chic and glamour. Each frame showcases the company’s signature hinge—an elegant double-grooved bar on the outside and a hidden hexagon on the inside. The decorative hexagon echoes the corresponding eyewear chain, which features a signature pendant on which the eyewear can be suspended. Simple hexagonal cutouts at the temple tips reference the company’s signature style but also serve as a connection for attaching the chain. The collection encompasses a range of sizing options to accommodate smaller PDs. A variety of shapes and angles are available to enhance facial features in a vibrant color palette that complements an array of skin tones and eye colors.

Photographed by Black Box Studios

“I’ve spent most of my life submerged in eyewear—it’s truly grown to be a part of me,” says designer Alex Feldman. “Alexander Daas enables me to work with retail partners and create unforgettable experiences for customers by offering high-end quality with proper styling consultation and customer service.”

Merchandising materials include the signature eyewear chain and foldable case.

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The collection has garnered a solid celebrity following from stars like Jenny McCarthy and Sammy Hagar. Alexander Daas extends its philanthropic arm by donating 3 percent of sales from its retail partners to a charity of the company’s choice in the company’s name.