20/20: What sets the Roberto Cavalli collection apart from other brands in the De Rigo portfolio?
Alessandro Baronti: The Roberto Cavalli collection is positioned in the premium quality segment of the De Rigo Rem portfolio, along with Porsche Design, Philipp Plein and Chopard. The Roberto Cavalli collection features a boldly glamorous aesthetic and stands out for its excellence in design and artisanship. Throughout the Roberto Cavalli collection, iconic Roberto Cavalli design elements can be found such as the use of the iconic Roberto Cavalli python pattern, the fang tiger tooth design and the freedom print that the famed fashion house is known for.

This collection is made of the highest quality materials that are artfully combined to complete a look that is truly Roberto Cavalli. The collection is comprised of 19 sunwear styles and 12 optical styles that are elegant, sophisticated and refined. This collection is a strong addition to the women’s premium eyewear market in the U.S. market. 

What do you hope this collection brings to your customers?
When you look at the eyewear from this stunning collection, it is instantly recognizable as a Roberto Cavalli piece. This collection allows us to bring another premium collection to the market that embodies elegant, eclectic and cosmopolitan style while also delivering premium quality artisan created eyewear. For premium eyewear customers that cater to this segment of the eyewear market, this collection is like a work of art on the board, one cannot help but be drawn to this stunning collection. In a premium eyewear market, Roberto Cavalli stands apart, as a desirable fashion beacon. This high-fashion collection has a look of its own, in a competitive women’s premium market—what sets this collection apart is that it is different and instantly recognizable as Roberto Cavalli. 

Could you explain the difference between the Just Cavalli and Roberto Cavalli collections?
While both collections were born of the famed Roberto Cavalli fashion house and are similar, they are different in style and composition. The Just Cavalli collection focuses more on contemporary personality-driven styles that are comprised of innovative materials and sophisticated styles. The Just Cavalli collection features artful touches of bright color as well as iconic Cavalli patterns such as python and leopard prints throughout the collection for a fun and bold look. Several pieces in the collection feature three different acetate layers to create a bold, visually stunning look. Other pieces in the collection feature a metal core wire and python scale detail. Exclusive Mazzucchelli acetate is used throughout the collection for a fashionable look and expert quality.

The Roberto Cavalli Collection is more refined in color and composition, and is targeted toward the premium eyewear market. While iconic Cavalli design elements such as the tiger tooth fang and python scale can be found throughout this collection, the use of color is more conservative. There is also a difference in the composition of material between the two Cavalli brands; while both are made of the highest quality, the Roberto Cavalli brand has that extra attention to detail that one would expect from the famed fashion house. 

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