Just like the post cataract patient loves the natural color that they experience again, there is no reason not to offer an entirely new sun lens category to all patients.

The emerging trend of color-enhancing sunwear goes beyond tints and mirrors to proprietary technologies that are specific scientific amplifiers of visual experience, from boosting colors of everyday outdoor stimuli to improving performance for sports.

The technologies embedded in these sun lenses, developed by leading manufacturers and brands such as Costa, Essilor, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Smith Optics, Maui Jim and Zeiss, can be applied to anything from daily tasks such as driving to specialized sports activities and hobbies. The excitement around color-enhancing sunwear, which readily lend themselves to in-store demonstration, is evidenced by practitioners and patients as products are popping up at optical dispensaries across the nation.

“Color-enhancing lenses are the new standard,” says Rob Tavakoli, MSBA, ABOC, vice president of SportRx, a privately held investor group that dispenses a majority of its prescription and nonprescription color-enhancing eyewear online. “You really can’t be in the sunglass game anymore without having a color-enhancing technology. What’s so amazing from a retailer’s perspective is how simple and easy it is to sell,” says Tavakoli. “Customers just want to know what’s best for what they’re doing.”

At The Optical Shop at Greenwich Ophthalmology in Stamford, Conn., the leader in sales of Maui Jim sun lenses in the Northeast, head optician Ethan Brown says patients who try on a pair of color-enhancing sunwear experience a “wow factor” resulting from the lens’ ability to make colors “pop.” (Read the full article.)

—Catherine Wolinski