Inspired by John Lennon’s work, life and style, Adlens is launching the John Lennon Collection of variable focus, instant prescription eyewear. The distinctive, round eyewear uses Adlens’ fluid-injection lens technology, which allows the power of each lens to be adjusted with the turn of a dial. Once set, the system can be sealed by rotating the red lever and removing the dials. This creates instant prescription eyewear.

The glasses are designed for the correction of farsightedness, shortsightedness, and presbyopia and cover spherical powers from -4.5 to +3.5 diopters. Each eye can be adjusted independently, providing an instant solution for eyes requiring different correction. The glasses are lightweight, and the impact and scratch resistant lenses are durable and easy to clean.

Photographed by Black Box Studios

PHILOSOPHY: “This relationship is ideal for us because it embodies the physical and philosophical essence of John Lennon,” says Michael C. Ferrara, CEO and executive chairman of Adlens. “He was a true visionary who was a constant advocate for positive, worldwide change which has clear echoes in the Adlens brand and values. Our award-winning technology development program is focused on transforming the way people see the world.”

Yoko Ono notes, “Adlens’ technology is such an interesting concept with such amazing potential that really captures the imagination. I am sure John would be proud to be associated with the glasses and the ethos behind them.”

MARKETING: The John Lennon prescription eyewear is available as the Optical Collection, Sun Collection and Imagine Collection. Point-of-purchase materials include three- and six-place displays, brochures, poster, display cards and buy-in pack. For every pair of glasses purchased from the John Lennon Collection, Adlens donates a pair of glasses to someone in the developing world, through Vision for a Nation as part of Adlens’ Buy One, Give One program.


CONTACT: For additional information, contact Adlens (888) 459-9793 (USA only); website:

Adlens, with offices in Oxford, England and Boston, Mass., has a worldwide sublicense for its John Lennon Variable Focus eyewear. Eagle Eyewear, Inc., is the exclusive creator and master eyewear licensee of the John Lennon eyewear collection which is licensed exclusively by Bag One Arts and Yoko Ono.