Silhouette relaunches its adidas Rx collection with an emphasis on partnering with key independents. “It is our vision to utilize the power of the adidas brand to take adidas, an iconic brand that evokes emotion and competitive spirit in all who see it, to the next level, attracting new patients for independent accounts,” the company says. New ophthalmic products include the Lazair collection with frames laser cut from ultra-lightweight performance steel for a clean, sporty design; Compose, made with a mix of performance steel and SPX with temples encased in ELAST-X, a nonstick traction grip polymer; Base X, featuring an aggressive fusion of sport and style; and Litefit, made of nylor, performance steel and SPX, perfect for any lifestyle.

PHILOSOPHY: “Adidas Eyewear is the combination of more than 60 years of experience and dominance in the world of sporting goods and 50 years of Silhouette’s optical expertise. This DNA is in every
adidas eyewear collection from our award- s winning sunglasses to our outstanding optical products. Our goal is to take this amazing combination of passion, quality and innovation, and focus it on independents by providing dynamic products and strategic marketing programs,” says adidas brand manager Heinz Pichler. “Because adidas is an iconic sport brand produced by an iconic eyewear manufacturer, we feel we can offer real value to ECPs with adidas Eyewear.”

Branded merchandising materials include a banner, logo plaque and mirror.


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An adidas customer could be anyone from anywhere. With this in mind, adidas eyewear offers a full assortment of products ranging from optical frames for every age and sunglasses for youth, weekend warriors and the most serious of athletes to adidas’ heritage products, which support the brand’s massive lifestyle consumer following.