Photographed by JR DELIA

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There’s a glow in eyewear right now as a new name with a proud retailing heritage takes center stage. Best of all, the eyewear is stunning, made in America AND imported from Pittsburgh.

VINTAGE 13 from Norman Childs Eyewear

It’s (Starting) All Over Now, Baby Blue

That little girl grew up but she still loves her favorite NEW-hue-blue crystal... and... Geek wrote the book on this big-bang-theory “look” at shapes.

GEEK 115 from LBI

Frosty the… Oh Man!

We’re thinking men rediscovered crystal as an eyewear mainstay first. It looks like this diffused-light version of it might be the new natural progression. Quick thinking.

QUIKSILVER 4232791 from A&A Optical (on him)

Hidden Treasure

The inner pink is her personal perk while the world sees the confidence of a striated wood tone and an aggressive shape statement.

WILLIAM MORRIS 6911 from Classique Eyewear

Hey Man... Eye Remember You

Did you see the 20/20 cover recently for our Men’s Eyewear issue? Spy scored it, proving that good sports can easily lead to a guy’s best choice in one of the hottest men’s collections in the optical Rx arena.

DEXTER from Spy

Clearly, Tight Height

Clearly, Quite Right. There’s nothing narrow about the huge impact Ogi has had on eyewear. This take on a narrow, elongated rectangle makes that point effusively.

HERITAGE 7146 from Ogi Eyewear


The B&W speckled spec is in hot competition these days as a lively alternative to standard issue tortoise. You might say it’s in... er... Vogue and... in THIS shape, set to conquer.

VOGUE 2764 from Luxottica


There’s that “clubman” trend, and then there’s the next step: THIS with a semi-rimless approach that says my style is slick, secure and unhindered by any bottom framing.

MICHAEL KORS 283M from Marchon Eyewear

Listen Up

We’ve got a new definition for “sportsmanship” in eyewear: It’s the attitude and increasing reality that iconic sport brands stand tall leading fashion with inherent style to new heights. Time for the fashionistas to join THIS “club” man.

YARDDOG II from Oakley

Be a Fade... Be VERY a Fade

Tone shifting has long been an eyewear color tradition, and the big buzz of late has usually been horizontal. Leave it to Europa to dare and make it work wonders with a vertical fade (in one of eyewear’s hottest hues). P.S. Vertical was the original technique.

DAVID BENJAMIN 164 from Europa International

Bye Gone Daze

Here’s a look NOT gone by a long shot. Dare we say that WE dare YOU to go here? You’ll see. As the plot on plowing eyewear’s heritage thickens, so does this “bridge” to eyewear’s past.

DEREK LAM 230 from Modo Eyewear