20/20 INSIGHT: When it comes to luxury eyewear, customers have certain expectations. High-end materials and fine craftsmanship are obvious necessities but luxury also goes beyond the physical product to create a feeling and experience. These frames will impress you with their beauty and the extra touches that go into making them “luxury.”

–Jillian Urcelay

TOD’S 0213  Marcolin
Available beginning January 2018, this strong square-shaped sunglass features wide temples with hand-stitched leather along the sides that aims to evoke artisanal leather craftsmanship.

Pricing: $$$$$

(800) 537-9265

CIRCULARITY  ic! berlin
Crafted from lightweight, durable German stainless steel, this sunwear style is available in three colorways and utilizes clean geometric shapes and vibrant colors.

Pricing: $$$$$

(866) 634-8990

GIVENCHY 0062  Safilo
Featuring an oversized square shape with softened corners, this optical frame makes a contemporary statement with its clear crystal front and orange accents.

Pricing: $$$$$

(800) 631-1188

SATIE  Leisure Society
Inspired by the analyzation and reflection of connecting mathematics and art, this 24-karat gold feminine CatEye style utilizes the floating lens concept with numerous tone on enamel color combinations and is named after the French composer and pianist Erik Satie.

Pricing: $$$$$

(949) 645-8783

DAZZLE  AM Eyewear
Introduced through the Mayan Gold collection inspired by the ancient culture of the Mayan people, this sunwear style features the brand’s signature temple tips and titanium nosepads that can be adjusted for a comfortable fit..

Pricing: $$$$$