Long anticipated—with trepidation and enthusiasm—Mido’s new venue at Rho-Pero made its debut at Mido 2007 in early May. The trepidation was in large part because of its distance from the center of Milan (easily reachable in 45 minutes by subway) and its enormous size. True there was a subway strike the first day of the show and torrential rains. And the size is ginormous— spread over seven pavilions. In fact, size was the first comment retailers and exhibitors made when discussing the show. But size also has its advantages. Aisles were wide, bright and airy; booths were spacious. But to me what stood out more than the size was the extravaganza of color. Exhibitor after exhibitor rose to the new location with spectacular, colorful booths, reflecting a major trend in the eyewear itself—color, color, color.

How do attendees and exhibitors feel about the new location? The response was noncommittal. As one attendee astutely commented, “It’s the first year in a new location. We have to give the show a chance to develop its own distinctive personality.”

These words echoed Cirillo Marcolin, president of Mido 2007, in his Mido welcome statement to the press. “The new Mido is a project that has arrived at its new destination, but it is also a point of departure, the turning point for a show that had to reinvent itself in order to rise to the challenges imposed by the 21st century.” From what I saw, the new Mido is well on its way to meeting the challenges.

Gloria Nicola