Think about it. There’s this small(ish) object with two side-pieces that basically rest on the top of those head appendages to the left and right sides of your face. It has a front part that essentially perches on that other face protrusion you use when you need to... uh… breathe. The front part somehow supports these clear (or tinted) objects (called lenses) that sit out in front of your eyes. Sometimes the front piece is actually JUST those clear (or tinted) lenses, with NO support frame. And… sometimes… it is some form of metal or plastic (or rubber or foam or some other miracle material), as are those pieces resting on your ears. Often it surrounds the finely honed and optically-corrected lenses you see through and holds them in place with an assortment of groove systems and/or clamping but sometimes it supports via suspension, and other times it does it with a series of screws or inserts that can be nearly invisible. Sounds complicated, right? It is… but… not to YOU.

The whole shebang (usually) measures less than 6 inches horizontally on the front and equally less than 6 inches on those two side stems. And (generally) you can fold the whole three parts of it up into a nice compact unit.

I could particularize all the material choices and combinations and write massive books about the different hinge devices used to make up this smallish object, but suffice to say the possibilities are limitless in past, present and future encounters.

Most days you go through numerous happenstances of men and women and children (Did I mention “their” version of this object might usually be considerably smaller but no less detailed?!) including people you know, people you’ve just met and those you consider friends and loved ones and in all likelihood, you never see the same exact version of this object we now know as eyewear or glasses (though few are ever any longer made with glass for those lens thingies) or spectacles on any two people. The choices are even more limitless than those materials we mentioned.

I guess at some point I should give some equal time to contact lenses and laser surgery but… not here, not now and by me, not likely. I’m an eyewear kinda guy. I love eyeglasses and sunglasses and lads and lasses in eyeglasses and sunglasses.

I think eyewear is an amazing invention. I adore its look and use and functionality, and the endless variations I am privileged to see each and every day at 20/20 and in the world of everyone I encounter both professionally and personally.

I celebrate the OPtion of eyewear. You should as well. In fact… You MUST.

James J. Spina