With the approach of spring, what better time to go green? LBI China, a division of the Chatsworth, Calif.-based LBI, releases its first plastic frame made from 100 percent post-consumer products. The colorful frame has a wire core and is ideally suited for sun lenses or ready-made readers. “The plastic frame is the result of collaboration between LBI and a Midwestern recycler of plastic from the automotive industry,” says Keith Lehrer of LBI. It took years of experimenting with the raw materials to produce a sturdy, yet flexible frame, the company says. LBI has a long history of environmental commitment. Founded in 1993, LBI China was among the early frame factories in China to adopt environmental protocols for handling raw materials, waste disposal and green manufacturing. In 1996, LBI produced an eyeglass case from reclaimed beverage containers. Currently, LBI China is in discussions with various companies interested in marketing the collection under a variety of brands. For additional information, contact LBI, (800) 423-5175, web site: http://lbieyewear.com.   

—Lauren Taylor