By Jamie Brady, ABOC

One of the greatest opportunities to enhance vision is at your fingertips right now. For our presbyopic patients, an enormous number of them work daily on computers whether it’s because they’re at work or they’re at play. Computer lenses are the opportunity of the decade, both for true function and also as a retailer for enhanced revenues. For those who work on a computer monitor for three-plus hours or more per day, PALs don’t come close to the best lens choice for such activities (unless perhaps they are +1.00 or +1.25D adds).

What this means is that instead of being required to point your nose as in most progressives at higher add powers, eye-scanning right to left is possible. At near, your patients will benefit as this design allows them to have clearer vision more than just straight ahead at 16 inches. Usable vision can be up to a couple of feet sideways. Similarly, for the upper lens, the intermediate portion, patients will have vision that can easily handle a typical three-monitor desktop. Some designs offer some distance vision at the top of the lens (vision to 20 feet).

NVP lenses offer patient’s incredible vision while working at computers and/or doing hobby work. At their price point, these lenses offer virtually the best technology value for the dollar spent and at the same time enhance both your patient’s vision and your practice’s revenues.