A sunny day on the Utah slopes proved victorious for longtime Rudy Project athlete, Rebecca Dussault and a newcomer to the Rudy Project program, Brian Smith. This was Smith’s second consecutive XTERRA Winter World Championship while Dussault experienced a sweet win after narrowly placing second in last year’s competition.

“Winning the inaugural XTERRA Winter World Champion-ship in 2008 was spectacular, having a one second margin over second place. Taking the title a second year in a row in decisive fashion was simply awesome,” says Brian Smith (below), the men’s XTERRA Winter World Champion. “It was extra special to share the day with women’s champion Rebecca, my Gunnison winter training partner.”

“Winning the 2009 XTERRA Winter World Championships is a huge step for me in my new undertaking of multi‐sport events… [and]… something I knew I could achieve over the last year,” adds Rebecca Dussault (above), the women’s XTERRA Winter World Champion. “This victory brings excitement to me for the upcoming summer XTERRA season. It should be sweet as ever!”

In their championship feat, Dussault was wearing the Rudy Project Zyon sunglass and Kontact+ helmet while Smith wore the new Exowind sunglass and Actyum helmet.

On his Rudy Project competition gear, Smith notes, “The Rudy Project Exowind with polarized lenses helped cut the glare of the blue‐bird day and never fogged up. Thank you Rudy Project for helping me to stay on top.”

—Jackie Micucci