It just makes sense—and dollars—to dispense computer lenses. According to the U.S. Census, 143 million adults use computers every day and an estimated 54 million children use a computer at home and/or at school. Specialized computer eyewear optimizes vision in the near and intermediate distances, providing a more comfortable viewing area that is both longer and wider. Computer glasses also allow for a more natural head position (no tipping the head back to see the computer screen clearly). When they understand the benefits, many patients will purchase computer glasses— because it does make sense.

Clockwise from far left: THEOREME from Lafont with Essilor Interview lenses; ANGLO AMERICAN 406 from Anglo American Optical with Prio Browser lenses; CALVIN KLEIN 5567 from Marchon Eyewear with Shamir Office lenses; BODHI from l.a. Eyeworks with SOLA Access lenses

  • Computer eyeglass lenses should include an AR coating.
  • Premium AR coatings keep light from reflecting off computer lens surfaces, preventing added glare.
  • Studies show people who work for prolonged periods at a computer find their eyes are more comfortable if they wear lenses with AR coating.
  • Multilayer AR coatings make lenses easier to clean and more scratch resistant.