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Ask a Patient, Any Patient, Part One

I was recently talking to a group of fellow opticians when the inevitable gripe session began. It is, after all, impossible to put any two or more people of the same profession together in a room and not end up with them airing their grievances, and opticianry is no different. On this day, in particular, the topic of frustration was patient choices. I’m a Millennial, and the other Opticians were younger Boomers and older Gen-Xers, and they wanted to know what it was with my generation’s fixation on chunky plastic frames that leave the OC height about 10mm from the top of a frame with a 40mm B. There was some good-natured ripping into Millennials and their shopping choices, from the aforementioned chunky frames to my generation’s admitted penchant for online shopping.

Post-Operative Care Following Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures a person can have. There are over 3 million cataract surgeries done each year in the United States alone, and the vast majority of patients have excellent outcomes. The procedure itself is short and uneventful, especially if you are in good health and the eye has no medical issues. An uncomplicated cataract surgery often takes less than 10 minutes. Although cataract surgery is safe, there can still be complications. Post- operative care is essential. Explaining this care to patients is an important part of a technician’s job.

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