Eyewear and Trends: New Frame Products


What's New

Photographed by Robert Gerhardt
and Robert Kastler

BBH: Eschenbach TITANflex

Frames with memory
BBH Eyewear brings the Eschenbach TITANflex memory titanium collection to the U.S. market. The material, which is 10 times more flexible than conventional metals and quickly reverts to its original shape even after extreme bending, according to the company, is the same material Marchon markets as Flexon. (Eschenbach Optik and Marchon Eyewear, Inc. have expanded their licenses to allow each company to market the Flexon and TITANflex brands more widely.) The TITANflex collection features 40 styles, a trendier sub set of the larger Eschenbach collection offered in Europe. The U.S. collection is targeted to 20- to 45-year-old men and women that expect updated technology, but with a young look. The line is divided into three groups: The Crush group features younger, trendier styles. Highlights includes three-piece mounts. Selection offers high-end, elegant frames with embellishments, deeper eye sizes and silicone nosepads.
“In Europe, Eschenbach is known for quality and its intrinsic value,” says Ilario Sfoggia, managing director of BBH. “Based on the feedback from our key accounts, we decided to focus on trendy, younger styles in the U.S.”
MARKETING: The Highlights group comes with an eight-place display. Selection frames are offered with individual cases.
PRICE POINT: $$$$ to $$$$$. For additional information, contact BBH Eyewear, (800) 638-6639;

Tura: Ted Baker

Quirky and distinctive
Tura launches the Ted Baker ophthalmic collection, which takes its name from a leading UK fashion designer. Aimed at a broad target audience of fashion-conscience men and women 18- to 45-years-old, the line is positioned as a brand with attitude and marketed as a way of life with its own quirky personality. The collection contains 13 metals, including monel, stainless steel, titanium and beta titanium, and five zyls. Although designed for today’s consumers, the frames use some elements of retro styling and feature innovative rimless and semi-rimless designs, flat metal fronts, multi-layered Italian zyl temples in contemporary colors, sculpted contours and logo plaques embedded in the temples.
PHILOSOPHY: “We found a ground floor opportunity to enter into a perfect brand for the extremely competitive men’s and women’s contemporary fashion segment,” says Keith Howard, Ted Baker brand manager. “As Ted would say ‘the secret of fashion is to lead not follow, but never lead too far.’”
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a Ted Baker logo identifier with the tag line “No Ordinary Eyewear” and a double-sided tent card with the tag line “Give Your Eyes a Break.” All frames come with a black and lime green hard case and cleaning cloth.
PRICE POINT: $$-$$$. For additional information, contact Tura, (800) 242-8872; web site: 

Global Optique: Tony Ferrara

Targeting discreet trendsetters
In an effort to meet the growing demand for sensibly priced, stylish frames, Global Optique launches the Tony Ferrara house collection. Aimed at style-conscience men and women, the line, which contains six multi-layered plastic frames, is marked by modern styling and distinctive coloring. Hues include black/zebra, brown, gray, lavender and ruby in eye sizes ranging from 46mm to 53mm. Frames are equipped with spring hinges.
PHILOSOPHY: “With the Tony Ferrara collection we want to offer people a way to express themselves through their eyewear,” says Global Optique president Joseph Gontar. “We want Tony Ferrara to appeal to the customer’s sense of style and individuality while still remaining practical enough to be worn on a day-to-day basis. With that purpose in mind, we strove for understated, yet attention-grabbing styles.”
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include countercards and posters. All frames come with a hard case and cleaning cloth.
PRICE POINTS: $ to $$. For additional information, contact Global Optique, (800) 297-2332; web site: www.globaloptique.cominformation, contact Tura, (800) 242-8872; web site: