Eyewear and Trends: New Frame Products


What's New

Photographed by Nedjeljko Matura

Seiko: Lithe Collection

Light and lithe
Seiko Optical Products introduces the Lithe collection of 100 percent titanium frames. Super flexible, super thin and light, the new collection represents the state-of-the-art in titanium eyewear, according to Seiko. The frames are also completely nickel free. Included are five unisex styles and one feminine model in fully rimmed and semi-rimless designs. Eye sizes range from 48mm to 51mm. Colors include metallic brown, dark gunmetal, gold, white gold, steel gray, gray gradient, ice green, deep green, brushed wine, grape and chocolate. Clip-on sunlenses are available for the five unisex styles.
PHILOSOPHY: “With the Lithe collection, the Seiko design team has created a unique collection that will appeal to men and women who enjoy cutting-edge design and demand durability and flexibility as well as the thinnest, lightest eyewear available,” says Seiko vice president Donna Van Green.
MARKETING: Two countercards are available. Each frame comes with a case.
PRICE POINT: $$$$ to $$$$$.
AVAILABILITY: Fall 2003. For additional information, contact Seiko Optical Products, (800) 284-9051; web site:
Pro Design: Zenith

Creatove combos
Pro Design Eyewear adds a new eyewear collection under the Zenith name. Included are five styles, all featuring a polished block titanium front paired with brushed aluminum endpieces and temples. The new frames also incorporate a concealed hinge that reverses the normal direction of the temple screw and similarly conceals the rim lock to produce a sleek, uninterrupted surface finish and perfect abutment between the endpiece and temple. Shapes consist of variations on rectangles and bowties and reflect the clean lines and classic lightness associated with Danish design. Select styles are suitable for progressive lenses. Frames are available in six color combinations.
PHILOSOPHY: “Zenith is Pro Design’s premium collection, targeted toward those who view their eyewear as an affordable luxury that reflects their taste for fine quality and stylish design,” says Pro Design eyewear designer Alan Rasmussen. “With these new models, we are moving beyond single-sheet titanium thinking. The difference in the textures of the titanium front and aluminum temples produces subtly distinct color and light effects even in single-color models, while our two-tone models create striking contrasts in both color and effect.”
MARKETING: The tagline for the marketing campaign is “A New Species.” Merchandising materials consist of a three-place frame display, logo blocks, including one with a display hanger, posters and countercards. Each frame comes with a hard case and cleaning cloth.
PRICE POINT:  $$$$$.
AVAILABILITY: Fall 2003. For additional information, contact Pro Design Eyewear, (800) 654-6099; web site: www.prodesigndenmark.com.
Premiere Vision: Yoshi Mikasada Eyewear

A modern Zen
Premiere Vision, A Luxury Division of Logo Group, launches the Yoshi Mikasada Eyewear collection consisting of 20 styles. Targeted to self-assured contemporary adults 30 years old and older (70 percent of the frames are geared to men), the line is characterized by a streamlined balance of form and function. A fusion of eyewear designer Mikasada’s Zen experience and contemporary cultivation, the initial collection is inspired by the four elements—earth, fire, air and water. Stainless steel and titanium frames represent the lightness of air and the purity of earth. Tillium and acetate products symbolize the fluidity of water and the details of fire. Frame colors—black, gun, satin brown and shiny silver—are also reminiscent of the elements. Details include laser engravings, personalized temple tips and a design that achieves fluidity by carrying the front piece through to the temple.
PHILOSOPHY: “The debut of Yoshi Mikasada Eyewear promises aesthetic approaches that will continue to move eyewear beyond the 21st century,” says Premiere Vision. “Inspired by the four elements, earth, fire, air and water, this is
a brand that is at once hot and cool—a modern Zen.”
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include one-, three- and six-place displays, double-sided banners and countercards. Frames come with a case.
PRICE POINT: $$$ to $$$$.
AVAILABILITY: Fall 2003. For additional information, contact Premiere Vision, (800) 556-5646.