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Photographed by Nedjeljko Matura

Smilen: Little League Baseball Eyewear

Smilen targets boys and  girls 4 to 14
Smilen Eyewear introduces a line of children’s eyewear under the Little League Baseball brand. The initial collection will consist of up to 18 stainless-steel frames with 180-degree spring hinges. Shapes are primarily unisex ovals, rectangles and bowties and are offered in such colors as blue, brown and wine. Eye sizes range from 40mm to 47mm. A sunglass collection is in development.
PHILOSOPHY: “Little League Baseball is an ideal brand for children’s eyewear. Little League is the story of every son, daughter, mother, father, neighbor and friend. It’s where everyone involved learns the lessons of character, courage and loyalty,” says Smilen president Scott Smilen. “All license royalties generated by eyewear sales will go back to our children and communities.”
MARKETING: A 12-place display is available. Smilen has also signed an agree- ment with All-Star pitcher and 2001 World Series MVP Curt Schilling of the Arizona Diamondbacks to endorse the eyewear.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003.
For additional information, contact Smilen Eyewear, (800) 887-5675; web site:

Moja Design: Boom By Atom

The perfect camouflage for 20- to 30-year-old modish agents 
Moja Design launches Boom By Atom, a marketing-driven eyewear collection based on a retro-espionage style animated story line. The project is described by Moja as a collaborative operation between Boom Systems directors in Cherry Creek, S.D. and the research team of Moja Design. The eyewear line, which consists of nine ophthalmic styles and 11 sunglasses, has a twofold purpose: It serves as a means of Boom operative identification and it ferries all pertinent information to international recruits. Based on retro and urban styling, frames range from bold zyls to sharply angled metals and industrial designs.
PHILOSOPHY: “Boom directors turned to Moja Design to connect with 20- to-30-year olds who seek new happenings and unconventional fashion brands,” says information mission director Leigh Kessler (aka Moja marketing director). “Mission directors reach agents via coded messages in strategic ads and on Boom’s web site, enabling covert agents to recognize and communicate in the field away from the radar of Bertram Brand’s BrandCorp spies.”
MARKETING: In-store communications include decoder dispensing units, retro-style animations and eyewear carriers. Boom By Atom codes are placed on Max Racks postcards and street graphics, in magazines and on the Internet.
PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$$$
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact Moja Design, (888) 576-MOJA; web site:
www.moja.design.com/ boom.

Seiko: Celine Eyewear

Seiko targets women with fashion brand
Seiko Optical Products introduces the Celine Eyewear line. Included are 10 ophthalmic styles and four sunglasses targeted to confident, fashion-oriented 20- to 40-year-old women, who want hip, highly styled eyewear. Frames are constructed of titanium and titanium and zyl combinations. The sunwear is made of metal, zyl and metal/zyl combinations. Shapes are variations on ovals and rectangles. Colors range from bone and lavender to shades of brown, tortoise and black. Sunglasses are equipped with CR-39 lenses.
PHILOSOPHY: “Now that Seiko is recognized as a leader in the manufacture and distribution of titanium eyewear, the time is perfect to partner with the well-known House of Celine. The new collection is designed to attract the self-confident woman who appreciates style, quality, technology and comfort, while making a definite fashion statement,” says Seiko vice president Donna VanGreen.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a four-place shelf unit and logo plaque. Each frame comes with a monogrammed case and cleaning cloth. PRICE POINT: $$$$ to $$$$$.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003.
For additional information,contact Seiko Optical Products, (800) 284-9051; web site:
www.seiko eyewear.com.