Hall of Frames

Street Seen
Expo’s… Hey!?

Oakley and The Red Racing Stable
This matchup is perfect. In fact, we’d have bet the world that Ferrari and Oakley had been in a partnership...  

Meet Gloria Nicola
The headline “Meet Gloria Nicola” may be misleading since we can most likely assume that if you’re on the opti-scene...

Licenses Liaisons & New Collections
Marcolin and Pucci Sign Licensing Agreement; Dian Von Furstenberg and Google Join Forces; Vanni Partners with Match...

L&T Marketing
Rudy Project Collaborates with Shamir on Rx Sunwear; New Coppertone Polarized Lenses Website Connects with Consumers on All Devices



Hall of Frames

Street Seen
Top of the Mido to Ya

Long-established film front-runner and 2014 Best Actress Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett scoops up yet another accolade...

Oddly, a 20/20 cover frame has never been a Frame-of-the-Month… UNTIL NOW. This month’s ProDesign “cover”...

Meet Gail O’Donnell
Focused on her family and filing away answers to the most complicated finance quandaries we create for her, Gail is an...

LIcenses Liaisons & New Collections
Zimco to launch Catherine Malandrino Eyewear; Emenegildo Zegna and Marcolin sign licensing agreement; Safilo adds two Polaroid...

Transitions Eases Communication Barriers with New Bilingual Pocket Card
Recognizing that language barriers can often pose as a challenge when dispensing eyewear or talking about the latest...