Stages of Presbyopia

  • Early Loss: ages 42-46
  • Adds +0.75 to +1.25D
  • The patient usually needs help with near in low light like restaurants
  • There are few problems at intermediate, even if they wear a distance Rx. This is because they have enough reserve of accommodation to see clearly at intermediate.
  • Many bypass this stage and never get a near Rx or buy over the counter readers
  • Transition and Adaptation: ages 47 - 52
  • Adds +1.75 to +2.00D
  • Here’s where the patient becomes dependent on a near Rx
  • Many may prefer full-time wear for convenience
  • Total Loss of Accommodation: ages 53 and above
  • Adds +2.25D and above, the Near Rx essential
  • Also, intermediate for most patients is gone and may be very important for their job or hobbies
  • Those wearing flat tops notice it, those in progressives may describe that the lenses no longer provide really useful vision at mid-range