Features: Fashion Feature


Oh Beautiful for Gracious Eyes

Photographed by STEVE MELNICK
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA
Hair and Makeup: KRISTINE OULMAN/R.J. Bennett
Stylist: TARA SMITH/R.J. Bennett

As bountiful as amber waves of grain…  As dynamic as purple mountains.... As rich as the fruited plains of song… The eyewear of America’s foremost designers sings with style… Crowning our vision from See to shining See.

VERA WANG LUXE Librarian, plastic upswept oval with dropped temples, from Couteur Designs • Circle No. 224
Dress by Vera Wang

CALVIN KLEIN 747, plastic elongated cat eye, from Calvin Klein Eyewear • Circle No. 223;
Dress by Calvin Klein

RALPH LAUREN 879/S, modified round plastic sunglass, from Ralph Lauren Eyewear • Circle No. 227;
Dress by Ralph Lauren

NORMA KAMALI 7520, plastic oval sunglass, from Avalon Eyewear/Member Nassau Vision Group • Circle No. 222; Dress and boots by Norma Kamali

MICHAEL KORS 18622, plastic rectangular sunglass, from CXD/Charmant Exclusive Division • Circle No. 225; Skirt, sweater and boots by Michael Kors
DIANE VON FURSTENBERG 1623, plastic elongated peaked oval, from New York Eye/Division Hart Specialties • Circle No. 226;
Dress by Diane Von Furstenberg