Features: Fashion Feature


I-Wear Gets Real

Photographed by JILL WACHTER
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA
Hair and Makeup: BRYAN LYNDE/R.J. Bennett
Stylist: TARA SMITH/R.J. Bennett

It’s time for a quick reality check on I-Wear…
So… hang in the malls with Gen Y. Load up at the video arcade. Shoot hoops. Check out the girls…
and guys on any city street. Stop by a local
car wash on Saturday. Watch the dudes having
their wheels detailed. Note the eyewear. It’s real…
As real as the people who wear it.

From left: KENNETH COLE Tom Cruiser, double-bridge metal aviator, from ClearVision Optical • Circle No. 217; PAUL FRANK OPTOMETRICS Semi 020, double-bridge plastic rectangle, from Baum Vision • Circle No. 218; KIPLING 525, plastic rectangle, from L’Amy Group • Circle No. 224; D&G Dolce & Gabbana 2072, plastic rectangle, from Marcolin USA • Circle No. 229

ECKS 8014 Cosmo, double-bridge metal rectangle with clear
side lenses & 8004 Side Car, aviator-style lenses attached to bandanna,
both from Viva International Group
• Circle No. 231

From left: THALIA Yolanda, flat metal bowtie, from Lancer International/Division of Kenmark Group • Circle No. 225; NORMA KAMALI 7521, plastic bowtie, from Avalon Eyewear/Member Nassau Vision Group • Circle No. 217
STEVE MADDEN SP61, narrow plastic bowtie, from Colors in Optics • Circle No. 220; Necktie by June Hendricksen

 OAKLEY OPHTHALMICS 11-596, plastic bowtie, from Oakley
• Circle No. 234;
M+ 2009, plastic rectangle with metal temples,
from Modo
• Circle No. 230

modified plastic oval with open outer eyerims, from Lantis Eyewear
• Circle No. 226; Revo 2009, plastic rectangle, from Luxottica Group
• Circle No. 227

From left: BOSS by Hugo Boss 11004, aviator with plastic upper eyerims and temples and metal lower eyerims and bridge, from CXD/Charmant ExclusiveDivision  • Circle No. 221; EDDIE BAUER Avalon, modified plastic rectangle with metal temples, from Signature Eyewear • Circle No. 240

From left: NAUTICA 8011, plastic oval, from Marchon Eyewear • Circle No. 228; MAURICE MALONE DJ, double-bridge metal rectangle, from Moja Design • Circle No. 231; CONVERSE Delta, elongated, modified plastic rectangle, from Rem Eyewear • Circle No. 236

From top: KATE SPADE Perry, plastic butterfly, from Sàfilo USA • Circle No. 238; JILL STUART 118, plastic cat eye, from Eyewear Designs • Circle No. 222; WOOLRICH 7732, plastic cat eye with metal endpieces, from New York Eye/Division of Hart Specialties • Circle No. 233; CYNTHIA ROWLEY 60, plastic butterfly with metal temples, from B. Robinson Optical • Circle No. 237; JALAPENOS Kalia, narrow, modified plastic rectangle, from A&A Optical • Circle No. 216

From top: ASPEN 36, small metal rectangle, from New Millennium Eyewear • Circle No. 232; SPERRY TOP-SIDER 21, metal butterfly, from Zyloware • Circle No. 242; BRITNEY SPEARS Oops, metal almond shape with plastic temples, from Glance Eyewear • Circle No. 223; OGI EYEWEAR 2089, small metal modified cat eye with saddle bridge, from Ogi Frames • Circle No. 236; EVERLAST 800, metal cat eye, from Sans Pareil
• Circle No. 239