Edited by Jackie Micucci

Foxy. Comedian 1 Jamie Foxx looks “force-full” in his Darth Shader style sunglasses by Kenneth Cole from ClearVision… Boss band. A trio of members from *NSYNC sport shades from BOSS Hugo Boss from Charmant. At the Grammy Awards are 2 Chris Kirkpatrick in HB11806, JC Chasez in HB5769 and Joey Fatone in HB5781… In the red. Looking like a winner 3 Halle Berry wears KATA Eyewear’s Alto on the red carpet at the Academy Awards before taking home the Oscar for Best Actress… Glam rocks. 4 Jon Bon Jovi is the hair apparent in Burberry style 8928S by Sàfilo at the 10th Annual Elton John Aids Foundation InStyle magazine party… Golden idol. 5 Beyoncé Knowles of the group Destiny’s Child wears Fendi Suns 252 from Marchon. Knowles stars in the latest Austin Powers, movie, “Austin Powers in Goldmember,” due out July 26… No secret. Sporting styles from Edward Beiner Lunettes are Victoria Secret model 6 Heidi Klum in EBL model 502 and “Sex and the City” star 7 Kyle MacLachlan in EBL model 511… Rule rules. Singer 8 Ja Rule wears Oliver Peoples’ Discovery in vintage gold at the Soul Train Awards… Chartered territory. Singer 9 Darren Hayes is riding high in Oliver Peoples’ Victory S in ash silver thanks to his album “Spin” charting at number two in the U.K. … Laying down the law. “Family Law” star 10 Salli Richardson wears the latest and greatest from Bollé, the Valorium whose ultra lightweight metallic frame weighs less than 15 grams… Want ads. 11 John Walsh, star of the TV show “America’s Most Wanted,” wears Flexon style 117 in bronze from Marchon.      —Jackie Micucci

boom, boom

Bifocals and jogging suits. Those are two items that Baby Boomers wear now that they thought they’d never be wearing 20 years ago, according to Boomer Watch, an annual survey of more than 1,000 Baby Boomers nationwide conducted online by Varilux.

Other results found that almost half (48 percent) say gray hair or hair loss was the first telltale signs of aging they noticed. Twenty-two percent say it was a change in their eyesight. Some areas that Boomers say have been impacted by their vision changes are reading (50 percent), using a computer (25 percent) and driving (23 percent).

On a different note, women voted Mel Gibson (42 percent) as the sexiest Boomer for the second year in a row. Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford came in second at 33 percent followed by “Dirty Dancing” hunk Patrick Swayze. The Boomer that most needs to start acting his age? Shock jock Howard Stern took that title again garnering 54 percent of responses.  —JM

big fun
A couple months ago we told you about artist Steve Beatty who was in the process of creating a giant pair of l.a. Eyeworks frames modeled after their Perk style. We thought we’d share the finished product, which stands on the stairs of the library at Humboldt State University in Arcata, Calif. where Beatty is a student.                       —JM

a girl and her glasses
Nine-year-old Brittany Singer lives in New Jersey. She’s in fourth grade and loves school. Her favorite subject is science because she enjoys learning about the earth. She likes dancing. She studies tap and ballet and is on the school competitive dance team. She loves animals, especially her dog Spiky, a bunny, Smores, and a “bunch” of saltwater fish. She also loves her job. For the past two years, she’s been doing TV commercials for such products as Bounty paper towels, Toys “R’ Us and Huggies diapers. She is quick to note she was not wearing the diapers—her role was to advise the baby. She has performed on the David Letterman show in a skit featuring school kids and in VH1’s Rock of Ages video. And, last but not least, Brittany loves wearing glasses.
In fact, she uses her glasses as part of her wardrobe when she auditions. She has four pairs of eyeglasses, all from Grant U.S.A./Estroff Optical. “When I audition, I bring all four with me and the people making the commercial select what they want me to wear. I love my glasses,” says Brittany. “I’ve been wearing them since I was in kindergarten. They’re part of my personality. They’re fun, funky and really cool—and very comfortable. My friends [most of them don’t wear glasses] always come up to me and say ‘I love your glasses. I really want to wear them.’ I don’t like anyone to try my glasses on, though. I don’t want them to be stretched,” she notes.

She has no favorite pair. In fact, she says she has difficulty selecting eyewear in the morning. “I choose my glasses based on what I’m wearing.” She then describes each pair in great detail.

“I have two hexagon styles—one black, pink and yellow (that’s the one I’m wearing in the photo) and one in jungle colors—green, orange and purple. I also have a black oval with a yellow and orange nosepiece and a square style in green and orange. I like them all.” Her favorite color for eyewear and clothes is “lime green,” she says emphatically.

In addition to her glasses, Brittany has “a lot of cool eyeglass cases,” including some with hologram prints. Her favorite case is “black and furry.” She also likes sunglass clips. “They’re so easy to use. And I don’t need a separate pair of sunglasses,” she adds.

When she’s not studying or working, she likes swimming in her backyard pool. When she grows up, Brittany wants to get into movies. “I love acting and making commercials. People are so nice,” she says. “And I want to continue wearing my eyewear all the time.”         —Gloria Nicola