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Man Oh Man

Fashion Editor Gloria Nicola
Photographed by
From left: CHRISTIAN ROTH 14229 from Charmant Group USA;
REVOLUTION SUN 822 from Revolution Eyewear
A clear mandate has been delivered. Men like bold and gold shades. They want oversized sunglasses. And… they like fashion… manned with glitz. Big and bold has its own special allure. It epitomizes flair, function and fashion… manpower at its manliest.
Man Oh Man
“Men had a flair during the ’60s and ’70s but they lost it in these last few years. It’s back. There’s now a lux-lifestyle subculture and men want their sun gear bold and shiny and bright… filled with pizzazz. There’s nothing wrong with decoration when it really says something about a guy’s strength and flair. It’s interesting that when we tried to quiet things down for the men’s styles in Chrome Hearts a few years ago sales got equally quiet. So we turned up the volume and that really worked.”
—Larry Sands,
Optical Shop of Aspen
(Recently ranked at #37 in the VisionMonday Top 50 U.S. Optical Retailers Feature.)  

“Men have always liked big sunglasses, but until recently we have not had a lot of options. Now we have some dramatic new offerings from such lines as John Richmond and Bvlgari. Not only are they huge in size, but they are also loaded with dramatic details. This is exciting for our male customers. They have been interested in fashion for a long time, but now with more product available, they are really getting into it.”
—Marvin Freeman,
Las Vegas-based Lunettes/Davante
(Recently ranked at #34 in the VisionMonday Top 50 U.S. Optical Retailers Feature.)
Clockwise from top left: FENDI SUN 273 from Marchon Eyewear; CHROME HEARTS Classic Oval from Optical Shop of Aspen; ROBERTO CAVALLI Mida 153S from Marcolin USA; MARC JACOBS 017/S from Sàfilo USA
“Trends come and go, but big and bold is timeless. It is always about glamour and style. The allure of large sunglasses is mainly due to the mystery and mystique of who is behind those huge, dark lenses. Many men, especially, appreciate oversized sunglasses. They see more as more and welcome the added value and functional benefits of large designs.”
—Brad Besner, co-president,
Ultra Palm Optical
Clockwise from top left: ICEBERG 85602 from Colors in Optics; HUMMER 327 from Signature Eyewear; DKNY 5001 from Luxottica Group; CAVIAR 2500 from Ultra Palm Optical
“We are in the heart of a very high-end area of Ft. Lauderdale and have a mixed clientele from all over the globe with people from different countries on different days. Our customers are wealthy, attractive and fit and want to be noticed. Paying $1,000 for eyewear is not a consideration for them. The consideration is being able to purchase product they won’t see elsewhere. Male customers are always more challenging. They want the big eyewear they see in such magazines as GQ, but they are not generally impressed with designer names. They want the look, not the name. What does impress them is high-tech, good quality eyewear.”
—Mike Werzer, owner/optician,
Optical Spectrum, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

“The demographics in the Palm Springs, Calif. area where we are located is affluent and mature. These customers like large styles. And they love the workmanship and elegance of Cazal and Caviar product. These designs suit their lifestyle. Cazal is our best-selling line. Men especially like the quality. Our customers are well aware of the Cazal brand and come in asking for the collection by name.”
—Karen Evans, owner,
Evans Eyecare, Palm Desert, Calif.