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Sàfilo: Scandium 

Exotic metal turned innovative frame material
Sàfilo USA introduces scandium, an exotic metal commonly used in aerospace applications, electronics and high-tech sporting equipment, to the optical market. Scandium exhibits tremendous grain reinforcement and strength, is 40 percent lighter than titanium and has a smooth, sleek feel, pleasing to the touch. The scandium frames, all in the Sàfilo Design collection, include four masculine and two feminine styles. Four of the frames are semi-rimless and two are full-rimmed rectangles. Targeted to consumers who appreciate technological advancement paired with bold, modern styling, the designs are available in rich, multi-tonal colors such as blue, bronze, burgundy, dark green and lilac.
PHILOSOPHY:  “As an innovative technology leader in the eyewear industry, we are extremely excited to be the first to the marketplace with this new material,” says David Duralde, Sàfilo director of product development. “Scandium will take Sàfilo to the next era of high-quality and technologically advanced eyewear.” MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a six-place display, posters, countercard with a consumer brochure insert, window clings and product catalog. PRICE POINT: $$$. For more information, contact Sàfilo USA, (800) 631-1188; web site: www.safilousa.com