Eyewear and Trends: Frames and Sunwear Trends



Fashion Editor Gloria Nicola
Photographed by
Nedjeljko Matura

From slopes to trails to the deep blue sea, the key to peak performance is the right Rx … An Rx adapter for goggles… And even a brand new exclusive prescription insert for those trend-setting shields. Sport these styles—and set your sight on success.

Clockwise from top: MOTORCYCLE/BIKING GOGGLE 1833/1, black and silver style, from Ducal Trading • Circle No. 217; BARN STORMER, black goggle with gray eye cups, from Franel Optical Supply • Circle No. 218; ADIDAS 262 The Shield, blue rimless shield with patent-pending Rx inserts, from Silhouette Optical • Circle No. 219; KRAIT, black goggle with silver outer eyerims and Equalizer all-weather vermilion lens, from Bolle  • Circle No. 216