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Mellow Yellow

Fashion Editor Gloria Nicola
Photographed by
Nedjeljko Matura

Counterclockwise from top left: CHANEL 3071 from Luxottica Group;
SUGAR 563 from Wink Optical; BAROS from Micromega USA; OP Blue Angel from ClearVision Optical; STELLA MCCARTNEY 14/S from Sàfilo USA; CLUB BLUE 14601
from Charmant Group USA; PEZ 46 from A&A Optical

All about yellow: The color yellow instills wisdom, intellect, enthusiasm and joy in all who wear it. Yellow is good for calming one’s nerves. People who suffer from seasonal disorders often use yellow to cheer them up. World-champion cyclist Lance Armstrong makes his signature charity bracelets out of yellow because he believes it represents hope… it’s also the color of the jersey he wore for the Tour de France race. The classic happy face is always yellow. For your own happy face, choose from a wide variety of eyewear that we (quite rightly) call mellow yellow.

Also available in yellow:
•Rain Slicks