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Photographed by Nedjeljko Matura
Rem: Jones New York Eyewear

Modern Classics
Rem Eyewear unveils an all-new Jones New  York Eyewear collection containing 16 ophthalmic frames and four sunglasses. Created by renowned eyewear designer Blake Kuwahara, the new line is targeted to the Jones customer who wants multifunctional style options that take her from weekday to weekend coupled with consistency in fit and quality. Frames are made of zyl, metal, including flat metals and stainless steel, and zyl/metal combinations. Some styles are equipped with titanium temples. Shapes are modern interpretations of classic almonds, bowties, butterflies, ovals and rectangles and are offered in rich, contemporary colors such as black, burgundy, butterscotch, red and violet. Special care has been focused on proper fit. Features include ergonomically designed signature temple tips, nosepads and German-made spring hinges.
PHILOSOPHY: “We have taken the attributes—quality, fit and style—that the Jones New York customer expects and translated them into eyewear. Careful attention has been paid to the skiving, sculpting and beveling of every frame, giving each one a precise, tailored feel that is evident to the touch,” says designer Blake Kuwahara.
MARKETING: Rem is supporting the new Jones line with assorted wood/lacquer displays and posters featuring supermodel Brooke Shields. Included are a one-place cube display, two- and 10-place displays, a 72 inch image display and logo plaque. Each frame comes packaged in a black box with an embossed hard case and micro-fiber cleaning cloth.
PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2004. For additional information, contact Rem Eyewear, (800) 423-3023; web site:

Eyewear Designs: New Balance

Fashioned for function
Under a licensing agreement with New Balance, the athletic shoe company, Eyewear Designs launches New Balance Performance Eyewear and Sunwear. Targeted to active adults, the styles are individually engineered for versatility, durability and comfort. The ophthalmic collection consists of eight metals (one with aluminum temples and one with beta titanium temples) and one plastic/metal combination with such features as spring hinges, spring nosepads and Active-Sport and Soft-Fit temple tips. Shapes are modifications of rectangles and ovals. The sunglass line contains six plastics and two metals in rectangular, oval and shield designs, including a shield with an Rx insert. Lenses utilize the patented Enhanced Visual System from Sola Sunlens, which will be marketed as Extreme Peripheral Vision (EPV) lenses and can provide up to 20 percent wider field of precise vision. Some styles are offered with polarized lenses with Glare Out II. The Rxable shield comes with three lenses (one is polarized).
PHILOSOPHY: “The New Balance collection seamlessly blends performance, technology and contemporary fashion,” says Eyewear Designs’ Andrea Gluck.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a single frame display, logo plaque and countertop and floor displays. Frames and sunglasses come with a case.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2004.
For additional information, contact Eyewear Designs, (800) 645-6596; web site:

Marchon: cK Calvin Klein Ophthalmics

A high-voltage impact
Marchon Eyewear launches its first cK Calvin Klein ophthalmic collection, consisting of 15 styles. Inspired by the technological gadgets of today, frames are edgy and hip with innovative logo treatments (rubber on plastic) and a colorful fusion of materials. Shapes are modifications of bowties, butterflies, cat eyes, ovals, rectangles, rounds and squares in fully rimmed, semi-rimless (some with open sides) and three-piece mount designs. Frames are made of metal, including stainless steel, and milled plastic with metal temples. Colors range from shiny metal tones to black, brown, crystal, lavender, red and tortoise.
PHILOSOPHY:  “cK Calvin Klein is an eyewear brand for the modern, active, successful and confident individual. It consists of sexy, trendy, youthful designs for those individuals who want to create a special identity for themselves through their eyewear,” says Mark Ginsberg, senior vice president and managing director of Marchon’s designer brands.
MARKETING:  Merchandising materials are under development. Frames come with a futuristic, oval-shape case with a transparent slide top.
PRICE POINT:  $$ to $$$.
AVAILABILITY:  Spring 2004. For additional information, contact Marchon Eyewear, (800) 645-1300; web site:
Altair: Joseph Abboud Eyewear

A lifestyle brand for upscale men
Under a licensing agreement with Joseph Abboud Apparel Corporation, Altair Eyewear, a division of Vision Service Plan (VSP), introduces the Joseph Abboud Eyewear collection. The 14-piece ophthalmic line consists of rectangles, ovals and geometric designs in zyl and metal, including milled metals, stainless steel, titanium and beta titanium. Frames are fully rimmed, semi-rimless or rimless. Magnetic clip-ons are available for the titanium rimless styles. Frame colors range from matte and shiny tones of bronze, brown and gun to black/caramel, and tortoise. A Joseph Abboud sunwear collection is planned for Fall 2004.
PHILOSOPHY: “This new eyewear collection is consistent with the classic and distinctly sophisticated design elements the Joseph Abboud brand represents. Inspired by warm earth tones, intricate patterns and rich textures and paired with advanced materials, progressive styling and superior production technologies, the line targets the upscale 30-to-50-year-old modern American gentleman,” says Tom Grogan, Altair product development manager.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include two countercards and two frosted acrylic logo plaques (large and small). Each frame comes with a brown, micro-suede case with a magnetic closure and pinstriped lens cloth.
PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$$.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2004. For additional information, contact Altair Eyewear, (800) 505-5557; web site:

Allison: John Richmond Eyewear

Glam rock
Allison introduces John Richmond Eyewear. Taking its name from the British designer known for his rock chic designs, the new line is geared to hip and happening young adults between the ages of 20 and 35. Included are 11 ophthalmic styles and 14 sunglasses with bold lines, enveloping shapes and vibrant colors, ranging from gold and silver to blue, pink, red and black. Details include such startling accents as a zipper treatment around the exterior of one frame and highly visible logos, sometimes highlighted with stones.
PHILOSOPHY: “With its strong, chic shapes and striking details, John Richmond Eyewear reflects the British designer’s love of rock n’ roll and his enthusiasm for the raw edginess of street culture with a hint of L.A. glamour up front,” says Allison president Adour Douzjian.
MARKETING:  Merchandising materials include a four-piece display, three medium-size countercards, a small countercard and poster. Frames and sunglasses come with a black leather case.
PRICE POINT: $$$$ to $$$$$.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2004. For additional information, contact Allison Eyewear, (877) 255-5757; web site: www.allisoneyewear.com.

Opsales: American Eyecons

A complete package
Opsales launches its American Eyecons collection, consisting of eight ophthalmics styles, each sold with a coordinating clip and taking its name from an American city or locale. Targeted to men and women between the ages of 25 and 60, the new collection consists of one unisex frame and four men’s and three women’s styles designed to fit a wide variety of facial shapes. Included are full frames, rimlon and three-piece mount styles in eye sizes of 45mm to 54mm. Frames and clips are made from 100 percent stainless steel and are available in a palette ranging from ginger, rose and wine to gunmetal, old gold and tobacco. All styles, with the exception of the three-piece mounts, are equipped with spring hinges. The clips feature patented clip technology and gray-tinted polarized lenses. Additional styles, including zyls, with matching clips will be released throughout the year.
PHILOSOPHY: “To meet the demand for frame and clip-on packages, we are offering the first of two lines utilizing patented frame and clip technology,” says Opsales president Dean M. Friedman.
MARKETING: An eight-place display, which showcases the frame and clip together without having to mount the clip onto the frame, is available. Each frame and clip combination comes with a case.
PRICE POINT: (Frame and clip) $$ to $$$.
AVAILABILITY: Now. For additional information, contact Opsales, (800) 423-7688.

Sans Pareil: Hana Collection

Jewelry for the eyes
Sans Pareil launches the Hana Collection. Targeted to women of all ages, Hana takes its name from the Japanese word meaning flower or blossom and its design cues from the jewelry and fashion accessories’ market. The new collection (patent pending for the application of semi-precious stones to eyeglass frames) consists of seven full frames, four semi-rimless designs and one three-piece mount. Temples are accented with semi-precious
natural stones—black onyx, coral, garnet, moonstone, mother-of-pearl, pearl, tiger’s eye and turquoise—and design elements found in fine jewelry. Frame finishes and colorations have been selected to harmonize with and emphasize the subtle variations in the stones. Future ophthalmic and sunwear collections, which will use an even wider variety of semi-precious stones, are in development.
PHILOSOPHY: “With Hana, our goal is to achieve an elegant transitioning of jewelry to eyewear. We feel the optical industry is ready for this exciting, new design concept that will translate into consumer demand,” says Steve Lipawsky, Sans Pareil president.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a cube frame display, abalone display shell, natural sea shells and pearlescent beads, countercards, dispensing mat, logo plaque and consumer brochure. A customized CD or VHS tape previewing the Hana collection, ad mats, Duratrans, pre-printed or customized patient recall cards and Hana customer birthday email blasts are also available. Each frame comes with a case.
AVAILABILITY: Now. For additional information, contact Sans Pareil, (800) 521-9475.

Kimiko: Aiko

A rimless collection for the young and trendy
Kimiko Eyewear launches Aiko, a three-piece mount stainless-steel collection. Taking its name from the Japanese word for “beloved,” Aiko is targeted to young, trendy urban dwellers between the ages of 16 and 45. The focal point of the collection is a patent-pending mount technology that requires only one drill hole. The endpieces have a prong with a thorn on either side that grabs onto the lens and locks it firmly into place. Frames are equipped with ultra-thin spring hinges; temple tips are rubber. Included are three styles (masculine, feminine and unisex) in six colors: two variations each of bronze, gold and silver. Plans are underway to expand the collection.
PHILOSOPHY: “The new mounting technology employed in the Aiko collection is an established way to hold something firmly in place. It’s just never been used in glasses before, to my knowledge,” says Kimiko owner Felix Bystritsky. “As an optician for 30 years, I wanted to use this attachment because it’s easy to assemble.”
MARKETING: Countercards and posters are available. Each frame comes with a pattern, spare set of screws, mounting instructions and hard case.
AVAILABILITY: Now. For additional information, contact Kimiko Eyewear, (866) Kimiko-1; web site: www.kimikoeyewear.com.