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It’s Eye Time for Him

Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA
Editorial Assistant: LAUREN SIEGAL


Hint for Him The male consumer wrote the book on
forever returning to products that work well. Loyalty to a staple style and dependable brand name might cloud an immediate double purchase but it will go a long way toward guaranteeing a return customer.

BROOKS BROTHERS 632 from Luxottica Group


Hint for Him Eyewear designers can be quite clever when it comes to delivering subtle style hints that bridge to a brand’s key design elements. This restrained and understated approach works well with most male patients.

BURBERRY 8383 from Sàfilo USA


Hint for Him  Fashion is fleeting but style is solid. On that wavelength always consider the staples of good taste as dictated by classic dress shoes, suits, ties and watches.

KENNETH COLE Stone Temple from ClearVision Optical



Hint for Him Insider info on a man’s leisure leanings could be a key to
connecting a customer to his ideal frame. Brand association helps here but tip-offs might be personal clothing preferences, sport interests and even favorite vacation locals.

TOMMY BAHAMA 8 from Altair Eyewear



Hint for Him Quite likely a man’s first question when he dresses EVERY morning: “Where’s my wallet?” Something well worth remembering in trying to convince that same man about the importance of quality glasses being an integrated part of his daily wardrobe ritual.

COACH Harrison from Marchon Eyewear


Hint for Him Men love tech details and eyewear driven by high-tech materials, clever hinge designs and crafty comfort features always fill that bill.

NEW BALANCE 351 from Eyewear Designs



Hint for Him Faced with a tough man unwilling to listen to brand-speak appealing to BOTH genders? Make sure you have a brand at hand that camps completely in the male zone.

COLEMAN 8103 from New York Eye/A Hart Specialties Company



Hint for Him It’s a simple fact: Guys love sneakers. And most of those Baby-Boomer guys grew up in Chuck Taylor All-Stars. This is one classic brand-association that cannot miss its shot. Jump at it.

CONVERSE Imposter from Rem Eyewear