Eyewear and Trends: New Frame Products


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Revolution Eyewear: Revolution Kids 

Magnetic clips for kids
Revolution Eyewear introduces Revolution Kids, its  first collection geared to children. The initial line contains three metal frames, each with a magnetic clip-on sunlens. Three additional styles will be released later this year. Frames are equipped with spring hinges and are offered in gun, jet blue, latte, matte black, pink and shiny silver. Shapes include a diamond, geometric and rectangle in 44mm, 45mm and 46mm eye sizes. Lenses are polycarbonate, provide 100 percent UV protection and have flash mirror coatings in such colors as electric blue, rainbow green, silver flash and sunset.
PHILOSOPHY:  “Our technology is very cool and our quality is at a level that’s uncompromising for a children’s collection at a value-based price point. Kids today are very sophisticated and responsible. Revolution Kids is definitely an excellent choice for this changing generation,” says Revolution president Gary Martin. MARKETING: Each frame comes with a metal case featuring the Revolution Kids logo. Counter displays will be available. PRICE POINT: $$.
For additional information, contact Revolution Eyewear, (800) 986-0010.

Avalon Eyewear: Kaleidoscope

For young fashionistas
Avalon Eyewear launches Kaleidoscope, a 12-style children’s collection. Geared to children of all ages, including infants, the new line consists of metals and plastics in variations on cat eyes, ovals and rectangles. Colors are bright shades of blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow in solids, double-laminates and confetti and tortoise treatments. Sizes range from 34mm to 38mm for infants and 40mm to 45mm for older children. All styles are equipped with spring hinges. The infant frames feature cable temples on the metals and detachable headbands on the plastics.
PHILOSOPHY:  “Kids want to have their own identity and create their own look. With bright, fun colors and trendy styling, this new line addresses young eyeglass wearers and provides them with options for making their own fashion statement,” says Avalon director of product development Jill Giorgio. “And the value pricing makes the eyewear affordable for parents.” MARKETING: Each frame comes with a bright drawstring case. A six-place counter display and logo plaque will be available. PRICE POINT: $$. For additional information, contact Avalon Eyewear (888) 767-0383.

Sàfilo: Carrera Atom

Dual function eyewear
Sàfilo USA introduces the Carrera Atom collection, a new patented ophthalmic/sunwear combination product that fuses science, fashion and function. Targeted to affluent men 30 to 50, the new collection consists of an integrated eyewear set that includes a stand-alone contemporary ophthalmic frame and separate sunglass with attachable snap-on elongated temple tips. When joined, the two pieces create a sleek, seamless fit-over effect. The collection contains three ophthalmic styles in oval and rectangular shapes offered in black, brown and gunmetal; and one sun style in black. Equipped with polycarbonate, polarized gray lenses, the sunglass is excellent for fishing, running and biking. Frame features include such athletic-inspired details as bowed temples, rubber library tips, monoblock spring hinges and Biofeel gel nosepads.
PHILOSOPHY:  “Carrera is a brand known for its technological influence so we are extremely excited by this unique dual concept state-of-the-art product. It fills a void in the marketplace and we expect it to have extremely positive results,” says Claudio Gottardi, Sàfilo USA president and CEO. MARKETING: The Atom is sold in an eight-place kit box featuring six ophthalmics and two different size coordinating sunglasses. A two-piece battery operated display, which illustrates the motion of the sunglass fitting over an ophthalmic frame, and countercards, housing a holder with informational brochures, are also available. Each style comes with a semi-hard case with separate compartments for the sun and eyewear components. PRICE POINT: $$$$. For additional information, contact Sàfilo USA, (800) 631-1188; web site: www.safilousa.com.

Rem: Lauren Hutton, Africa Collection

A new journey
To expand on its cornerstone Lauren Hutton, NY line, Rem Eyewear is adding collections inspired by the supermodel’s love of travel. The first in the series, Lauren Hutton, Africa, reflects Hutton’s ardor for Africa. Included are four metal styles and one zyl, each offered in four colors that mirror the warm, vibrant colors of the African landscape. Rich textures, finely tooled designs and subtle patterns taking their direction from the continent’s flora and fauna enhance the frames. The shapes are variations on ovals and upsweeps. One style is semi-rimless.
PHILOSOPHY:  Lauren Hutton, Africa is steeped in earthy tones punctuated by the radiant reds and purples of a Saharan sunset,” says Eileen Smith, Rem brand manager for Lauren Hutton Eyewear. “With this collection, we wanted to use specific design elements that capture the inspiration of Africa so we incorporated such details as gazelle horn shapes, small shields and subtle African-inspired patterns.” MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a two-place wood display with countercard, woven mat, bowl, two woven display spheres, an African-inspired statuette, ornamental rocks and husks. Each frame comes with a wood case with a laser-engraved shield motif. PRICE POINT: $$. For additional information, contact Rem Eyewear, (800) 423-3023; web site: remeyewear.com.

Charmant: Esprit Sports

Esprit enters sport arena
Charmant Group USA adds Esprit Sports, a 10-piece collection of sport sunglasses and goggles to its Esprit branded line of ophthalmics and sunglasses. Targeted to men and women between 25 and 45, the new collection is grouped into three categories: Outdoor sports, Urban active and Goggles. Made of high-tech frame materials, the outdoor sunglasses feature lens change systems and decentrally cut lenses with an innovative filter system that provides undistorted views, soft inserts on nosepads and temple tips, sweat deflectors and headbands. Some styles are available with Rx inserts. Marked by a symbiotic relationship between sportiness and coolness, the urban active sunglasses are constructed from metal or plastic and have a sporty eight-base design, anatomically adjustable nosepads and structured soft-touch temple tips. Select plastic styles are equipped with an air-floating system to ensure optimal passage of air. Designed for skiers and snowboarders, the goggles have interchangeable double lenses with anti-fog coatings, air-floating system and Easy-Click band closure. All of the lenses are polycarbonate and come in gray, gray mirror, green, blue, orange, red, rose and yellow.
PHILOSOPHY:  “The Esprit Sports apparel line is well established in Europe so expanding this segment into eyewear makes sense,” says Michele Ziss, Charmant USA brand manager for Charmant and Aristar collections. MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a five-place display, mirror and countercard for the sport sunglasses and a nine-place display and countercard for the goggles. Both the sunglasses and goggles come with a cleaning cloth/pouch. The sunglasses also have a hard plastic case. PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$. For additional information, contact Charmant Group USA, (800) 645-2121; web site: www.charmant.com.