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Cool Consumables

Consumables—tints, pads, polishes and chemicals—may not be the sexiest products, but they are integral to the operation of every optical lab, no matter how big or small. The companies that make consumables are always developing innovative new products designed to help labs produce higher quality lenses.

In this L&T roundup, you’ll find some of the coolest consumables to hit the market this summer.

Loh Poly-Pro
Poly-Pro from Loh is a versatile, competitively priced, single-polish solution for all organic materials. It eliminates common polycarbonate issues—such as haze and swirls—while providing a superior AR-ready surface finish on all plastic lenses, according to Loh.

The company says that by altering the three main polish components—density balance, particle shape and suspension agent formulation—Poly-Pro provides the stock removal necessary to rid labs of their poly issues while still delivering excellent results on plastic.

The specially developed combination of these properties provides unsurpassed high-speed polycarbonate processing. Polish waste is greatly reduced when using Poly-Pro because of its sheeting action.

“For the first time, labs don’t have to compromise surface quality because of the polish they use,” says Steve Schneider, Loh Consumable product manager. “Poly-Pro attacks haze and swirls on poly for a remarkable surface—while producing extraordinary plastic surfaces as well.”
Loh offers Poly-Pro in both one- and five-gallon containers.
Loh Optical Machinery
(800) 866-5640

PSI Quick Clear
The new Quick Clear line of products from PSI is efficient and economical and eliminates the need for solvents containing acetone. Quick Clear Hand Cleaner and Tint Pan Cleaner easily remove even the most stubborn dye stains with minimal scrubbing. Quick Clear Neutralizer removes unwanted tint from all lens materials without yellowing. To easily remove lens marks, ink, grease, oil, paints, glue or adhesive residue, look to Quick Clear Ink Remover and Solvent.

It is acetone free and completely safe for use on polycarbonate lenses. It is available in a variety of sizes. All products in the Quick Clear line are non-toxic and biodegradable.

In addition to these products, True Mark Lens Ink is now available in four colors; red, black, white and yellow. It is water soluble and can be used on lensometers, focimeters and layout markers.
(800) 237-8154

Signet Armorlite’s 3M LEAP III Pad 1696M is designed for processing small frames/ half-eyes. The 18mm x 28mm pad requires no hand-cutting, so it’s ready to use right out of the box. The oblong pad features rounded corners that fit the block perfectly, without hand trimming, and a center hole for fast,

accurate alignment. An easy-pull double tab helps prevent lens scratching during pad removal. The 1696M is available in 1,000-count boxes.

As a companion piece to the 1696 LEAP III Pad, the company is also introducing a new edging block 1685. Engineered from metal expressly for smaller frame jobs, the new product eliminates the need for grinding blocks down to size. The 1685 is available in three pattern types-AIT, Coburn and Semi-Tech-each in 20-count boxes.  
Besides the new oblong pad, 3M LEAP III Pads come in a 24mm square shape and a round pad in 18, 24 and 26mm sizes. Complimentary sample strips are available.
Signet Armorlite
(800) 759-0075

Polycarbonate Liquid Edge Glaze
Polycarbonate lenses are tough, thin and light—the perfect prescription for premium eyewear. Unfortunately, the frosted appearance of the lens edges detracts from their allure and an AR coating coupled with the cloudy edges offers a rough appearance, rather than a crystal-clean look.
With Nu-Chem’s Poly Edge Glaze,

polycarbonate edges can take on a look as clear and finished as that of a plastic lens with polished edges. Poly Edge Glaze actually makes the clear edges on polycarbonate lenses easier to achieve than the polished edges on other plastic lens materials because no buffing or special equipment is required. The user simply moistens a cloth or cotton swab with Poly Edge Glaze and applies it to polycarbonate lens edges for an immediate transparent shine.

“Nu-Chem’s Poly Edge Glaze makes it possible for polycarbonate lenses to achieve the crystal-clear, ‘polished edge’ look for the first time ever,” says Daryl Squicciarini, vice president of Nu-Chem’s parent company, OptiSource International. “Patients can now have polycarbonate eyewear with tremendous eye appeal when Poly Edge Glaze is used to shine the edges clear.”
OptiSource International

Next! One Step Pad
Salem’s NEXT! One Step Pad for polycarbonate represents a new generation in polycarbonate surfacing performance. Salem reports that most labs that have test the pad say NEXT! yielded the best finish that they have ever produced on polycarbonate. These ultra fine surface finishes are the product of a

progressive pad architecture developed utilizing state-of-the-art abrasive processing technologies and bonding systems.

NEXT! is available in 76 and 89mm, seven-petal with Salem’s signature extended pull-tab petal and is compensated to 0.46 millimeter (0.018 inch).
Salem Vision Group
(800) 234-1982

Mark Off
BPI’s Mark Off pen quickly removes the marks from a progressive lens. The fiber tip incorporates a valve that shuts off flow of the liquid when not in use. To use the pen, press the tip to open the valve; when the tip is moist, draw over the marks, wait a few seconds and wipe the lens clean.
According to BPI, Mark Off is a step forward in lab safety because marks can be removed from progressive lenses without using cleaning cloths and hazardous acetone. Mark Off is acetone free and the pen dispenses the correct amount of cleaner to remove the marks.
(800) 327-2250

SeeGreen Dye Caps
SeeGreen Dye Caps from Hilco contain concentrated dye powder that treats more than 200 pair of lenses. Labs can eliminate leaky bottles, measuring fluids and high shipping costs. To use the caps, simply drop them into the dye tank.

Each SeeGreen Dye Cap makes 32 ounces of dye. Dye Caps are environmentally safe and readily biodegradable, according to Hilco. They are available in 10 dye colors and SeeGreen UV block formula.
(800) P955-6544