Eyewear and Trends: Frames and Sunwear Trends


GenEYE Rules

Do As Eye Say

Photographed by Ned Matura

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It's SHAPE up or ship out when it comes to the expanding boundaries of GenEYE Nation.

From left: MARC ECKO CUT & SEW Anarchy from ClearVision Optical; PAUL FRANK Wrapped in Discourse RX97 from Baumvision; TED BAKER Kara B702 from Tura; MENIZZI MA3015 from Menizzi Eyewear; 4th DImension 4685 from ProDesign Denmark; DRIVER from King Baby

It's ELONG story but well worth telling in COLORful and deft DETAILS.

From top: JESSICA SIMPSON 881 from Colors in Optics; FYSH 3496 from WestGroupe; CANDIE'S Shawna from Viva International Group

ENGRAVE danger of becoming this season's hottest eyewear.

From top: LEXINGTON from Dita Eyewear; CAZAL Legends 643 from Eastern States Eyewear & Ultra Palm Optical

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a plane. It's... CLARK KENT.

From left: ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Hopper” from Kenmark Group; PEACE EYEWEAR Harmony
from i-dealoptics; TOMMY HILFIGER 1204 from Sàfilo USA; TC CHARTON ASIAN FIT Mailia from Prologue Vision; VIVID 799 from Vivid Eyewear

PREP school is still open for genius enrollment.

From top: SURFACE 309 from Rem Eyewear; ARGYLECULTURE BY RUSSELL SIMMONS Reinhardt from The McGee Group; KONISHI KF 8415 from Clariti Eyewear

Say it SQUARE or say it ROUND: EYE am METAL man.

From top: PERRY ELLIS 325 from Eyewear Designs; PUMA 15381 from Charmant Group

MASTERful solution to the CLUBMAN with deft twists of zyl and color-shocked metals.

From top: ISSY & LA Irma from Lafont; CHEEK 2 CHEEK 2516 from Bevel Specs; MAX STUDIO LX115M from Zyloware

The CLUB elects a completely Plastic MAN, and it's CLEAR the decision is resounding.

Top from left: DANNY GOKEY 21 from Match Eyewear ; MICHAEL STARS Ultra Modern from Signature Eyewear; HUVELI MILANO 3028 from Teka Eyewear
Bottom from left: ENGLISH LAUNDRY Pauline from Zimco Optics; ERNEST HEMINGWAY H4645 from New York Eye; TRUE RELIGION Jake from Revolution Eyewear