Features: Fashion Feature


Optic Edge

Photographed by NEDJELJKO MATURA
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA
Styled by: TARA SMITH/R.J. Bennett


Sport Eyewear at the Pinnacle of Success

It’s tomorrow’s tech teamed with a flex of fashion.
It’s face-hugging shields and aerodynamic wraps.
It’s goggles glazed with style.
Today’s sport eyewear is high-tech materials,
sport-specific lenses, interchangeable parts and
a virtual referee of bells and whistles.
This is performance with no holds barred.

From top:
Physics 1001-101,
aluminum/magnesium bowtie, from Premiere Vision/Luxury Division
of Logo Group
• Circle No. 242;
LUMINOSI-TI 1001-2, angled titanium rectangle, from Nikon Eyewear 
• Circle No. 240;
TIMBERLAND 212, modified oval wrap,
from Rem Eyewear
• Circle No. 243;
KURB, plastic elongated bowtie in wrap design, from Kaenon Polarized
• Circle No. 233
From top:
LACOSTE Sport 1531, shield-style golf lens attached to metal browbar, from L’Amy Group
• Circle No. 234;
ASTMF-803, shield
inserted into plastic browbar, from I.X. Pro Sport USA
• Circle No. 232;
MAUI JIM Sport 402, lenses inserted into
plastic browbar, from Maui Jim
• Circle No. 237;
ADIDAS The Shield 262, rimless shield
with patented Rx adapters, from
Silhouette Optical
• Circle No. 246
From top:
MICRO SCOOP, plastic oval in wrap design, from Spy
• Circle No. 248;
TP2, modified plastic oval, from Costa Del Mar • Circle No. 227;
rectangular-shape lenses superimposed over metal frame, from Luxottica Group
• Circle No. 236;
plastic wrap, from Vuarnet-France Optical
• Circle No. 249
From top: LEADER Vantage
OP6003-TCR, Rxable goggle with adjustable rubber strap, from Hilco
• Circle No. 230;
REC SPECS Matrix, Rxable sports glass with adjustable headband, from Liberty Optical • Circle No. 235;
SMALLER CLICS, goggle with magnet that connects the two eye rims at the bridge and is fastened
to a molded, adjustable, form-fitting headband, from California Optical
• Circle No. 226;
FISHERMAN’S DELIGHT, goggle with side shields and lenses that can be darkened manually, from Franel Optical Supply • Circle No. 229; JUMBO 3 1841, Rxable shield with lens inserted into plastic browbar, from Ducal Trading
• Circle No. 228
From top: PIRAJA, plastic oval in wrap design, from Bollé
• Circle No. 225;
ICE-TECH 91731, plastic modified rectangular wrap,
from Ice-Tech
• Circle No. 231;
GRAAL FYOL, modified rectangular wrap in plastic,
from Rudy Project
• Circle No. 245
From top: MAINLINE, rectangular wrap
with lenses sandwiched between plastic frame,
from Smith Sport Optics
• Circle No. 247;
NIKE Interchange Square EA0001,
plastic rectangular wrap, from Marchon Eyewear
• Circle No. 238;
DASH, rectangular design with lenses in front of browbar, from Native Eyewear
• Circle No. 239;
CHAMPION 296, rimless shield with plastic bridge and temples, from B. Robinson Optical
• Circle No. 244