Features: Fashion Feature


Reigning Rimless

Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA
Hair and Make up: BRYAN LYNDE/R.J. BENNETT

It’s the perfect look for any face. It’s all about the eyes. It’s the rimless look and it can be whatever you want. From clean modern lines and the minimalist attitude of three-piece mounts to sculpted, bejeweled lenses suspended from, rising above or superimposed over intricate frameworks, the possibilities are endless. Long let rimless reign. The perfect way to see the world… in style.

Above: TI-LITE 4435 from Rodenstock North America

Above, from top: CAVIAR 2259 from Ultra Palm Optical; LAUREN HUTTON 109 from Rem Eyewear; CHRISTIAN ROTH 14020 from  CXD/Charmant Exclusive Division; VIA SPIGA Tivoli from Zyloware; KATA Kawai Olive from Legacie Eyewear/A Luxury House of B. Robinson Optical

Below, from left: DKNY EYES 6448 from Marchon Eyewear; IO by SWISSFLEX from Italee Optics; ROYAL DOULTON Fusion 18 from Lawrence Eyewear Mystique


Lightweight metals—
titanium, titanium-based alloys, stainless steel, aluminum—and flexible plastics
Temples—straight, curved, bent, twisted, tapered, dropped, extra thick, ultra thin
Bridges—single and double, straight and curved, climbing upward, slopping down
Endpieces—open and closed, clean and simple, engraved and bejeweled, extended away from or mounted directly on the lens
To rim or not to rim—top rims, bottom rims, side rims, no rims
The possibilities are endless.

sculpted, frosted, painted studded and bejeweled
Fashion and sun tints
Mirror and flash mirror coatings
Gradients and bi-gradients
Shapes—you name it The possibilities are endless.

Above, from left: RAY-BAN 8510 from Luxottica Group;
FRATELLI LOZZA Studio Hollywood from Metzler International USA

Below, from top: BURBERRY 9416/B from Sàfilo USA; COVERGIRL 314 from Marcolin USA; ADIDAS 762 from Silhouette Optical

Above, clockwise from far left: JOAN COLLINS 9634 from New York Eye/A Hart Specialties Company; 4TH DIMENSION 4106 from Pro Design Eyewear; KENNETH COLE 906 from ClearVision Optical

Below: JAGUAR Biosteel 3053 from Eastern States Eyewear