Eyewear and Trends: Frames and Sunwear Trends


Team Mates

Fashion Editor Gloria Nicola
Photographed by
Nedjeljko Matura

The perfect team player… Oversize hard cases designed for eight- and nine-base curves… Clips to secure cases to belts and packs… Rubberized or non-absorbent case and cord materials… Floating cases and retainers… Vibrant, easy-to-spot colors… All fashioned for action. Because teaming sports glasses with the right accessory is a win-win sport sensation.

Clockwise from left: FRANEL OPTICAL SUPPLY Tiger Paws, green cord with black rubber grips • Circle No. 221; FEDON AMERICA Style RD-TR03, tortoise-color vinyl snap case with metal belt loop • Circle No. 220; CALIFORNIA OPTICAL Techno Baby Bubble Case 135999 Tech-AST, zippered bronze-color textured case designed for medium and large sports glasses • Circle No. 218; ASTUCCI Style B10, black zippered case with yellow trim, designed for wrap-style frames • Circle No. 217; HILCO Kids Sport Band 08-521, neoprene/latex black retainer with orange and white graphics and black tube-like fasteners • Circle No. 222; E.K. EKCESSORIES Sports Cats, rust-color patterned sports band with black tube-like ends • Circle No.  219; CROAKIES Terra Spec-Cords, woven black-and-white eyeglass retainer featuring Tite End adjustable fasteners that fit any size frame and Infinity Grip, which self-adjusts to any temple shape, from Lifelink International • Circle No. 223