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Sport Detail

Still Life Photography by NEDJELJKO MATURA
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA

The ZERO from Oakley photographed on bass fisherman Peter Spacek at Montauk Point, N.Y.

Above: NIKE VISION Skylon PRO EXP from Marchon Eyewear

Below: NEW BALANCE Sun 510 from Eyewear Designs

Another word for wraps
. Nothing says extreme better than a wild base curve teamed with any sport category from snowboarding to golf.

Quick Change
Interchangeable lens systems that allow the wearer to quickly and easily switch lenses to manage any light condition are popular options. Browbars and nosepads that snap out for easy replacement ensure comfort and fit.

Above: ADIDAS 136 Clima Cool from Silhouette Optical

Below, from top: TROPHY from Beloptix; NIKON Velociti Vti Sunscopes 1700 from Metzler USA; SAUSALITO from Hobie Polarized; RHINO from Kaenon Polarized; PESCADOR Wave 400 from Costa Del Mar

Team Players
Sports-related buzzwords include super-grip materials for temple tips and nosepieces, massive use of protective padding treatments, increasingly safer polycarbonate lenses, polarization taken to the max and the continued evolution of mirror and flash

Above: REVO Polarized 3036 from Luxottica Group

Below, from left: RX SPORTS Zoom from Hilco; ZERORH+ Mythos 56501 from Allison Eyewear; REC SPEX Maxx from Liberty Optical

Stationary or removable, side shields not only add drama, they also provide additional protection from the sun and the weather… and when equipped with lenses, enhance peripheral vision.

Rx for Success
Rx-insertable lens systems are gaining in popularity and innovation.
The best systems are nearly invisible, extremely durable and able to withstand intense activity.

Above: CARRERA 908/S from Sàfilo USA; LEGENDS from Gargoyles Performance Eyewear; EYESIGHTS102S from Live Eyewear

Below, from top: MAUI Sport 409 from Maui Jim; WILSON 1007 from Aoyama USA; COLUMBIA Alpine Lite 8001 from L’Amy Group; CHAMPION 438 from B. Robinson Optical; THUNDERSTRUCK from Bolle, Subsidiary of Bushnell Performance Optics

Titans of Sports
Titanium rules the sports (eyewear) arena. Nothing meets the multiple challenges of lightweight, durable, flexible and anti-corrosive better than this master metal.