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Perfect Fit

Photography by VISKO HATFIELD
Still Life Photography by
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA


A high school student, aspiring to be an actress. A fashion industry executive. A bride and her fitter. An emergency room nurse. Publishing company coordinators. A blonde with fair skin. A red head with green eyes. A brunette with brown eyes. Age doesn’t matter. Occupation doesn’t matter. Nor does complexion or hair color. From the bride on her special day to an executive at the office anytime, anywhere, with the right eyewear, everyone looks great… and even better… feels great.

GAIL GARRAMONE is vice president, public relations and corporate marketing, for the New York City-based Liz Claiborne Inc.

The 20/20 Take
Dealing with the fast pace of a fashion environment takes both stamina and style. Gail has a bounty of both and her eyewear reflects that strong dual nature.

Frames: LIZ CLAIBORNE 236 from Sàfilo USA

MEREDITH MURPHY, a senior at Huntington High School in Huntington, N.Y., plans to major in drama in college.

The 20/20 Take
Conscious of the fact that Meredith is keen on making a dramatic impression, we’ve pictured her in a subtle, but sure, bowtie shape that draws attention to her expressive eyes. Exiting stage left or right, everyone is certain to remember Meredith.

Frames: KENNETH COLE Angle Eyes from ClearVision Optical

NANCY CALI is a production coordinator at Jobson Publishing.

The 20/20 Take
We see Nancy’s beauty and personality as half retro and half modern. She can easily wear a shape dominated by the hot-again bi-color look.

Frames Above:  LILI from Lafont
Frames Below: BLUMARINE 90361 from Colors in Optics

Photographed in Budman Studios; Paintings by Robert Moody

1. CHRISTIE BRINKLEY Endearing from Nouveau Eyewear
2. AIKO AP202 from Kimiko Eyewear
3. BEBE Maxine from Signature Eyewear
4. SILHOUETTE 1969 from Silhouette Optical
5. CAVIAR 1715 from Ultra Palm Optical
6. NORMA KAMALI 7182 from Avalon Eyewear

The 20/20 Take
Whether it’s lavish jewel accents, tactile, textured
temples, luscious laminates or elegant three-piece mount designs, women’s eyewear sees it all.

JENNIFER D’ELIA is a staff nurse in the emergency room at Phelps Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.

The 20/20 Take
There is nothing delicate about being a nurse in an emergency situation. But Jennifer’s delicate features and fine hair are perfectly complemented by frames that echo those two qualities. She tucks her hair behind her ears for a fresh look that shows off subtle temple details.

Frames: DONNA KARAN 8817 from Marchon Eyewear

1. TURA N045 from Tura
2. CELINE VC1105 from Seiko Optical Products
3. JILL STUART 130 from Eyewear Designs
4. CHRISTIAN ROTH 14021 from CXD/Charmant Exclusive Division
5. COSMOPOLITAN Crush from Rem Eyewear
6. JOAN COLLINS 9639 from New York Eye/A Hart Specialties Company
7. VIA SPIGA Follina from Zyloware

The 20/20 Take
Bold, double-rimmed designs, flat milled metals, fresh modern eye shapes and intricate temple treatments give a distinctive and appealing look to feminine styles.

CHRISTINE YEH is a special projects coordinator at Jobson Publishing.

The 20/20 Take
Christine is first-generation American with a full Chinese heritage. Frames that bring interest to both the front and side of her face highlight her beauty.

Frame Above: MOSCHINO 3660-V from Luxottica Group
Frame Below: 4TH DIMENSION 4101 from Pro Design Eyewear
Photographed in Budman Studios; Paintings by Robert Moody

1. ETIENNE AIGNER 61 from Metzler International USA
2. CYNTHIA ROWLEY 139 from B. Robinson Optical
3. INTRIGUE A20 from International Minds
4. GUESS? 1210 from GUESS? Eyewear
5. BARON Z04 from Optimate
6. GF FERRE 01320 from Allison Eyewear

The 20/20 Take
From dramatic logo presentations and wide, wide temples to an array of contemporary greens and blues and rich, classic browns, it’s zyl style for women of all ages.