Eyewear and Trends: New Frame Products


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Viva: Tommy Hilfiger Sun 

Classic styling with a twist
Viva International Group adds an optical sun collection consisting of 15 metals and nine plastics to its Tommy Hilfiger ophthalmic line, which made its debut in Fall 2003. Targeted to a wide range of men and women, the new collection with its innovative use of materials, design and double and triple laminate colorations offers styling that complements classic high-end fashion. Frame colors range from pinks and yellows to blues and silvers. Features include rubber temple tips and polycarbonate and tri-acetate cylindrical lenses with flash mirrors.
PHILOSOPHY:  “Viva has injected a new energy into the optical sun collection, offering trend-forward styles with the Hilfiger twist,” says Viva brand manager Lisa Cesaro. “There’s something for everyone is this dynamic collection.” MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a countercard, banner, logo plaque and window sticker. Countertop and tower fixtures are currently in development. Each sunglass comes with a navy leather clamshell case. PRICE POINT: $$$ to $$$$. AVAILABILITY: Winter 2004. For additional information, contact Viva International Group, (800) 345-VIVA; web site: www.vivagroup.com.

Sàfilo: MagneLock

Patented clip-on magnetic technology 
Sàfilo Group introduces MagneLock, a patented, innovative clip-on technology to both its proprietary Chesterfield and Sàfilo Team collections. New to the United States, the technology secures the clip-on to its respective frame though a magnetic locking mechanism. The system contains a small round hollow mechanical closure located at both ends of the clip-on that snaps over the round magnets located behind the frame’s endpiece, and then with a light pressure, guides and secures the clip onto the frame. A resulting clicking sound occurs once the clip is firmly in place. The MagneLock clips are available for 10 new Chesterfield metals (five are titanium) and five Sàfilo Team stainless-steel styles. The frames include masculine, feminine and unisex designs. The Chesterfield frames are equipped with monoblock spring hinges. The Team styles have Elasta 13 spring hinges. The sunglass clips in both collections are polarized polycarbonate.
PHILOSOPHY:  “We describe the MagneLock technology to our customers as the ‘snap, lock and go’ method,” says Sàfilo USA’s senior designer David Duralde. “One of the main benefits of using this technology is the clip-on fits more snugly and securely versus other traditional clip-on technologies that may cause shifting and rattling of the clip.” MARKETING: An informational brochure/product catalog and countercards are available to support the new technology. Each frame and clip are housed in a hard case that contains a removable compartment for the clip. PRICE POINT: Frame and clip: $$$; replacement clip: $$. AVAILABILITY: Now. For additional information, contact Sàfilo USA, (800) 631-1188; web site: www.safilousa.com.
Artoptic: Eyewear by the House of Diamond

Accessible luxury  
Artoptic International pres-ents Eyewear by the House of Diamond. Targeted to women 35 and older, the new frames, which are designed and manufactured in Italy, are accented with two natural full-cut diamonds on each temple. The styles are offered in modified oval and rectangular upswept designs with sculpted temples. Each frame is available in gold tone and silver tone and finished with a jewelry-like polish. Eye sizes are 50mm and 51mm with a 19mm bridge.
PHILOSOPHY:  “Our objective with the House of Diamond eyewear is to present affordable luxury—eyewear that is more than a frame—eyewear that’s an elegant piece of jewelry,” says Artoptic president George Gero. MARKETING: Each frame is packaged in a mahogany-color wood presentation box and comes with a warranty certifying the authenticity of the diamonds. PRICE POINT: $$$$$. AVAILABILITY: Now. For additional information, contact Artoptic International, (800) 522-8572.
Sherry Wolf Accessories: Eyeglass Leashes

Convertible eyewear jewelry  
Sherry Wolf, a well-known super-realist painter/jewelry designer has created a collection of dual-purpose, patent-pending eyeglass leashes that have detachable ends for converting into necklaces. The leashes consist of a chain made of leather, suede or silk cording and a miniature sculpture/pendant in gold and silver tones. Some pendants are designed as a ring to hold frames of any size. Motifs include hearts, alligators, turtles, torsos and the Chinese character for long life. Some styles have stone accents. The same motif used on the pendant also covers the rubber tubing endpieces of the leash. The Wolf logo is on the back of the tubes. Bracelets and earrings that complement the leashes are available.
PHILOSOPHY: “The idea of fashion and function merging fascinates me,” says artist/ designer Sherry Wolf. “I wanted a functional option for eyeglass wearers that’s infused with fashion at affordable prices so my customers can have multiple looks.” MARKETING: Each leash comes with a backing card with directions and illustrations for using the leash. PRICE POINT: $14 to $19. AVAILABILITY: Now. For additional information, contact Sherry Wolf Accessories, (410) 654-0644; web site: www.sherrywolf.com.