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Urband: Frames and Sunglasses

A lifestyle concept

ÖGA by Morel takes its direction from a wide variety of structures, ranging from a museum in Helsinki, train stations and the Copenhagen Airport to a library, embassy and opera house. The 2006 collection consists of nearly 50 styles in modern variations of fully rimmed, semi-rimless and rimless rectangles, and ovals with an emphasis on wearable shapes and architecturally engineered bridge and hinge areas. One group has folding hinges, providing two reading distances. Materials include aluminum, titanium, hard-grade steel, metal strips and leather and rubber accents.

PHILOSOPHY:“ÖGA reflects the worldwide love of architecture rendered with Scandinavian style and simplicity. A representation of modern society at its finest, ÖGA is a perfect addition to the Morel family of products,” says Morel CEO Tom Castiglione.

Merchandising materials consist of a three-place display, poster, countercard and catalog.

: $$$ to $$$$. For additional information, contact Morel, (800) 526-8838; web site: www.morel-cottet.com

From top: ÖGA 1403; ÖGA 1204; ÖGA 1401

The name Urband is a combination of the words urban, meaning city, and band, meaning community or group. Inspired by travel, memories and encounters, the Urband collection uses the tagline: “Whoever you
are, wherever you are, whatever you do, you are 100 percent Urband.”