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The Land of the Titans

Element of Style
Initially wire-ish and recently flat-cut, titanium’s latest evolution is deep shine and bevel effects that reflect light and sleek style.
CHRISTIAN ROTH 14036 from Charmant Group USA


What’s Your Favorite Color?
Titanium has come along a long and colorful road since its early dull gray days as a frames material. Recent tech turnaround (and its friendly ability to combine with other frame materials) has the mighty Titan wielding an increasingly colorful wand.
From top: OMBRELLE from Lafont;
MICHAEL Michael Kors 907T
from Marchon Eyewear;
TITANIUM 123 from Seiko Optical Products;
TITANE A0415 from Alain Mikli


Less is, again, MORE
Every property of titanium comes full force when teamed with eyewear’s superior style of semi-rimless.
From top: LES CREATURES RENIS OGA T71 from Morel Cottet;
IZOD 364 from ClearVision Optical;
CAZAL 708 from Eastern States Eyewear & Ultra Palm Optical;
TITAN MINIMAL ART Translucent Evolution 6600 from Silhouette Optical;
XXL TI SERIES Colt from A&A Optical


Minimal to the Max
The rimless forte of lightness goes literally light-headed when teamed with titanium.
From top: AERO COLLECTION BY FLOAT MILAN F-12 from Match Eyewear;
MINIMA 4 from The Lens Work;
VIA SPIGA Enna Shape E from Zyloware


Purple Daze
Every once in awhile the hot fashion color of the moment agrees with a shade that complements every skin tone. This purple-hued frame captures that instance of perfection.
JONES NEW YORK 417 from Rem Eyewear


Man’s Best Friend
Long a male favorite, titanium appeals to a guy’s sense of strength and style. And… at its most elemental titanium is already a key factor in a man’s world of automobiles, shaving, cameras, audio equipment and… you name it.
From top: TIMBERLAND 1027
from Marcolin USA;
CHESTERFIELD 673/T from Safilo USA;
IMF-T60 from Revolution Eyewear;
from Avalon Eyewear;
from Signature Eyewear